• YES?




    YES? NO. Can you tell the difference between yes and no? Then this is the game for you. YES? is a game of luck and predicting the outcome. Or maybe YOU can change the outcome? Download the game and try to beat the odds!

  • Ore Miner




    - Limited time decreased price of purchases - Mine away in a new smash hit! An addicting game from the maker of a Jeff Jello, Have you ever wanted to be a brilliant miner? Try Ore Miner, a new match 3 game! Slide tiles to form a match connecting three tiles. Match 3 tiles with an interactive...

  • Drinking Game




    *Also available in dutch!* You probably know some, all those drinking games on parties. But now there's a pocket edition available to take with you to ANY party! This drinkinggame can get the party started, or to add a good ending to the party. Ace of Spades and other drinking games are...

  • Fireworks




    Fireworks for New Years Eve I wish you a happy and safe new year! A fun app to play around with, with friends. Try to make a shape like a heart or a star, it's not as easy as it sounds! Click on the screen to launch a firework rocket! Tags: Eve New Year Christmas Firework Crack Fireworks...

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