• Keep Calm Creator




    [Keep Calm Creator] Keep Calm Creator is a Keep Calm poster / wallpaper generator, it is an entertainment app in which you can generate your own motivational Keep Calm poster. Often used as memes and other internet related stuff. Keep Calm Creator is based on the original British poster 'Keep...

  • YES?




    YES? NO. Can you tell the difference between yes and no? Then this is the game for you. YES? is a game of luck and predicting the outcome. Or maybe YOU can change the outcome? Download the game and try to beat the odds!

  • Ore Miner




    - Limited time decreased price of purchases - Mine away in a new smash hit! An addicting game from the maker of a Jeff Jello, Have you ever wanted to be a brilliant miner? Try Ore Miner, a new match 3 game! Slide tiles to form a match connecting three tiles. Match 3 tiles with an interactive...

  • Drinking Game




    *Also available in dutch!* You probably know some, all those drinking games on parties. But now there's a pocket edition available to take with you to ANY party! This drinkinggame can get the party started, or to add a good ending to the party. Ace of Spades and other drinking games are...

  • Fireworks




    Fireworks for New Years Eve I wish you a happy and safe new year! A fun app to play around with, with friends. Try to make a shape like a heart or a star, it's not as easy as it sounds! Click on the screen to launch a firework rocket! Tags: Eve New Year Christmas Firework Crack Fireworks...

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