Industrial Arithmetic

  • Circles of Confusion




    This stylish live wallpaper displays colorful out-of-focus circles drifting on your home screen. It responds to touch and home screen scrolling. Includes customizable settings. To install: Home -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers

  • ChordKey (demo)




    ChordKey is an experimental chorded keyboard application for Android. It allows you to type one-handed using different combinations ("chords") of only five keys, similar to Doug Engelbart’s original chorded keyboard. ChordKey uses the Microwriter alphabet, invented by Cy Endfield and...

  • ShaderToy




    A simple tool for developers that lets you edit OpenGL ES shaders directly on your Android device. Inspired by Inigo Quilez's ShaderToy, and includes some of his shaders: Requires Android 2.2 and OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware. Tested on Motorola Droid,...

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