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  • Time Management Subliminal LT




    This program was built to give you an idea of how you can management your time. The program contains subliminal affirmations to help you manage time in a more productive fashion. There is past, present, and future tenses to help you on your way. This program puts you on the path to time...

  • Swiss Army App




    FINALLY, It's here in one app. UTILITIES: QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner Reading Light Scanner Voice Recorder Notepad Games: Bike Game Alphabet Memory Game Cartoon Puzzle Puzzle Game Guess The Number Sports Play Finder Slots These are all wrapped up in this easy to use app....

  • Discount Indy Coupons




    Get Your Local Indiana Coupons Delivered Straight To Your Phone. Discount Indy's coupons are now available through your iOS device. Discount Indy Mobile Apps works by either GPS check-ins, Loyalty Rewards, or Just Giveaways. Loyalty Discounts work by allowing you to hand your mobile...

  • Time Management Affirmations


    This program was built into four sections to help you manage time. * Self Discipline * Stop Procrastination * Increase Productivity * Time Management This program puts you on the path to time management using subliminal affirmations placed behind strategically chosen music. There is also a...

  • Subliminal Self Help




    Scared about that big meeting? Need to lose weight? Want to be more successful? Is your self esteem low? Purchase Subliminal Self Help Now and increase your life experience. Listen to sounds of the, rain, thunder, or even reggae music as suggestions are sent to your unconscious mind. You can...

  • Recording Studio Free




    Win $100 by simply signing up to our newsletter and let the world hear you through our Facebook site. Utilizing a noise cancelation microphone Indy Mobile Designs gives you a program to record and send your voice recordings out. If your looking for the way to record and be a Rap Star, Rock...

  • Secret Recorder Pro




    Secret Recorder Pro is a simple, fun, and easy to use audio recorder. You have been in that meeting with your boss, exwife, or exhusband that you wish had been recorded. You have been pulled over by the police or TSA and wished you had the conversation recorded, now you CAN. Use it to record...

  • Marijuana Finder | Development




    This program is still in its beta phase. There are few if any listings. When completed this application will list all caregivers and physicians in the United States that work with medical marijuana.

  • Recording Studio Contest




    Recording Studio Gets Your Music To The Masses. Noise cancellation microphone and software make sure your music comes out clear. Your Music will be heard by the world! You CAN get your tracks heard. You simply record your music, rap, instrumental, or track and submit it through the program....

  • Free Weight LossThunder




    This is the light version of Lose Weight Fast, please check out our other products to get great 5 other sounds. Suggestions are sent to your unconscious mind. Your new application even includes an image gallery so that you can track your progress. You can listen to this in the car on your way...

  • Fast Weight Loss




    Get to sleep fast while listening to soothing music while suggestions are sent to your unconscious mind. Your new application even includes an image gallery so that you can track your progress. You can listen to this in the car on your way to work or to help you comfortably drift off to sleep....

  • Oana's Restaurant & Bar


    Located in Fishers Indiana Oana's bar and pub offers the best solution to your casual dining needs. We offer unbeatable prices and daily specials. Stay informed with our mobile application that keeps you informed of daily specials and gives you a special punch card not offered to anyone else.

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