Inferno Software

  • Squid Rocket




    A casual game where you guide the squid to protect the egg from being harmed.

  • Santa's Magic Sleigh FREE




    Take the reins of Santa's sleigh and collect the presents as fast as you can, but be careful not to crash into any planes. This is the free ad supported version.

  • TideRider




    This is a simple to use schedule reference for "The Tide", HRT's public light-rail system in Norfolk, Virginia. This app displays estimated arrival and destination times for the next train at stations east and west of a selected station.

  • Workout Card Game




    This is an easy to use, customizable card game based workout; set up a full body workout, or focus on abs, arms, legs, or cardio. You can choose which exercise goes with which suit. Aces = 1 min breaks. One full game = 90 reps of each! * Added custom exercises * Added cancel timer * Added cancel...

  • Deck-O-Cards




    A simple app that randomly flips through a deck of playing cards and restarts at the end. * v1.01 adds support for jokers

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