Information Affairs Authority

  • Arabian Gulf Radio




    Arabian Gulf Radio airs news, views, reviews and entertainment relevant to the Gulf region. The contents are mostly in Arabic and run live 24X7. If you're anywhere near Bahrain, you can listen to the channel on your FM radio at 102.7.

  • BNA Voice




    BNA VOICE is one of the most prominent audio applications offered by the Bahrain News Agency on smartphones. Listeners can use the application to listen to the conferences, seminars and events hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Bahrain Radio




    Bahrain Radio brings to your mobile contents from five national radio channels. This app along with its complement the Bahrain TV app replaces the erstwhile Bahrain Live. The streaming quality has been upgraded and the navigation has been made much simpler in this app.

  • Bahrain TV




    The Bahrain TV app brings to your mobile the contents from Five national TV channels. The erstwhile Bahrain Live app has been deprecated and this new app with its complement Bahrain Radio. The app has also been upgraded for better streaming quality and easier navigation.

  • King Hamad's Speeches




    This app is repository of speeches delivered by HH King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa on the occasion of Bahrain National Day since 1999. It provides a easy-to-access interface to reading the speeches and is available for both the Android and iOS.

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