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  • Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa

    Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa




    Aplikácia spoločnosti Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa umožňuje prístup k širokému spektru služieb spoločnosti. Okrem uzatvorenia poistenia umožňuje aj pohodlné nahlásenie škody. Vďaka aplikácii môžete jednoducho uzatvoriť nasledovné druhy poistenia: - Cestovné poistenie - Poistenie zásahu horskej...

  • Moris Slovakia

    Moris Slovakia




    Oficiálna mobilná aplikácia spoločnosti Moris Slovakia. Moris Slovakia, s.r.o. je autorizovaný predajca a servisný partner značiek Audi a Škoda a autorizovaný servisný partner značiek VW, Seat a VW - úžitkové vozidlá. Aplikácia umožňuje prehľad noviniek, ponúkaných skladových ako aj predvádzacích...

  • Magic Heroes

    Magic Heroes




    A dangerous wandering for the liberation of the kingdom is ahead of you. Connect the stones and use their power to beat your rivals. Various tricks, magic wands and vials are at your disposal. In the shop, you can improve your characteristics and equipment in exchange for the collected coins.

  • Jumping Justin

    Jumping Justin




    Justin Beaver is not just an ordinary beaver. He is an inventor who longs for seeing the world from the high above. Your objective is to help him jump as high as possible using the coins and other inventions, and help him to become a beaver superstar. You will need a good observation, artful...

  • Thief Dash FREE

    Thief Dash FREE




    Run with the thief as far as possible and steal as many valuables as you can. However, it will not be as simple as it may seem at first sight! On your way, you must be cautious about a lot of traps. You must jump over spaces between houses, evade falling strongboxes and steal the valuables...

  • Solitaire Pro

    Solitaire Pro




    The aim of the game is to sort all the cards on the playing area into 4 piles- Ace stakes (placed on the top of the playing area). Each pile can consist just of same colour cards and the cards must build increasing series on the Ace stakes . When sorting cards a player is supposed to build...

  • Danny Danger

    Danny Danger




    Danny Danger is a brave man who loves above all adrenalin and breaking any records. This time, he decided to break the world deep diving record. Put yourself into his place and dive the deepest possible. Watch out! There are dangerous sea animals that can hurt you. When diving, collect coins for...

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