• USB Tethering /Tether




    As the phone with USB connector is connected to the notebook/netbook, this app will pop up automatically. Then you can enable the embedded USB Tethering without needing too many clicks. Before using this app, please make sure that your notebook/netbook has installed the USB Tethering driver. You...

  • WiFi Tether /WiFi HotSpot Free




    You can enable the embedded Portable Wifi HotSpot and the Bluetooth very easily and quickly with this app. This is a shortcut tool, and it can save more steps than traditional operations. Download Free Now! APP Features: ✔ Call the embedded wifi tethering (Wifi Hotspot) settings with few...

  • USB Tethering Pro




    As the phone with USB connector is connected to the notebook/netbook, this app will automatically popup. Then you can enable the USB Tethering so quickly. Pro version let you enter the USB Tethering frame automatically. *Note: Before using this app, please make sure that your notebook/netbook...

  • App Batch Uninstaller




    Do you have apps you just don't use or don't want anymore on your Android device? Cleaning out your phone of unwanted apps can be time-consuming and daunting. Wouldn't it be great if there was a fast, efficient way to uninstall those aging apps without the hassle? App Batch...

  • APP to Phone / APP 2 Phone




    Don't want the apps to be installed to the SD card automatically? APP to Phone help you solve this problem! Detect the app, and show the notification to let you move to the phone immediately. Features: * Batch mode for moving APP to the Phone. You can select multiple apps, and start to...

  • Home Button




    If you feel click the home button is a bit long to wait the response or your button is broken or bad to use, this app can help you do the same thing. Slide from the status bar, and click the "Home Button", it will back to the home frame. If you want to hide the item from the status...

  • WiFi HotSpot / WiFi Tethering




    You can enable the Portable Wifi HotSpot/Wifi AP so quickly with this app. Save your valuable time! Only 2 clicks to enable the wifi tethering function. * Share your Internet to other device via wifi connection. * Call the embedded wifi ththering (Wifi Hotspot) settings * App2SD support

  • App Uninstaller Pro




    App Uninstaller provides the fastest way to remove multiple apps. Please select the apps, and click the "Uninstall the checked apps" button. App Uninstaller provides three types for your use: (1): All Apps (2): Recently running Apps (3): Recently installed Apps Do you need to do some...

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