• Sensor Kinetics Pro




    View, record, save or share graphs, and monitor the accelerometer, gyroscope, and all the other sensors in your Android device. The new built-in Multi-Sensor Recorder allows you to record up to six kinetic sensors simultaneously. Have you ever wondered if your Android smartphone or tablet has a...

  • Sensor Kinetics




    How does your phone compare with your friend’s phone? Does it have a more advanced accelerometer or gyroscope? What other mysterious high-tech sensors does your tablet have hidden on board, and what do they do? Find out with Sensor Kinetics. Sensor Kinetics is an advanced viewer and monitor for...

  • RotoView Photo Viewer




    Try out the new way to view your photos with RotoView tilt-based smart scrolling. Do you like to magnify your photos and see the fine details? Then the RotoView Photo Viewer and Magnifier is the app for you. Now you can "tilt to scroll" your way around your large photos. No more slow,...

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