• DownToCache




    Print Web content (from specific sites) to SD for offline reading. n.b: this app is beta-quality - there be dragons ahead

  • BotBrew Basil EXPERIMENTAL




    This is an EXPERIMENTAL build of BotBrew that uses Dpkg and Apt instead of Opkg. It's a pretty rough work-in-progress and definitely has bugs, but it represents the future of BotBrew. So please be gentle :) and mind the bleeding edge! ROOT privileges are required, as usual. Only ARM is...

  • BotBrew ◈ root




    BotBrew is a ▪ root ▪ app that brings cross-compiled command line software to Android, along with a package manager based on opkg and a service manager based on runit. Some highlights include: ◈ an almost-complete busybox with 327 applets: have more of your favorite commands without the bloat ◈...

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