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  • Baby Sleep Sounds HD




    Baby Sleep Sounds HD is an app which will help your baby to relax and fall asleep faster. It’s also a free and high-quality alternative to white noise sound machines. Every track is set by default to 5 minutes – however, if you want to loop the sounds, please enable the repeat mode. Features: -...

  • 10 Best Foods for You




    Here you will find the healthiest foods you can eat for various purposes, causes, or issues. All these foods are wonderfully delicious, health-promoting, and most importantly, they taste good! The list includes: ✔ 10 Best Foods for Easy Weight Loss ✔ 10 Best Foods for Flat Abs ✔ 10 Best Foods...

  • 63 Simple Weight Loss Tips




    63 Simple Weight Loss Tips app features useful tips and ideas for losing weight from my own experience and from various other people, who shared them in person, on forums, social media sites etc. Most of the tips are common sense, but when written down, they provide a lot of “aha” moments. The...

  • Quick and Easy Recipes




    Quick and Easy Recipes features hand-selected delicious and easy to prepare recipes. Included are top 10 best rated (in popular cookbooks, by magazines and top chefs) recipes for: - Breakfasts - Main Dishes - Salads - Dinners - Soups - Appetizers Every recipe is described in three sections:...

  • Best Smoothie Recipes




    Everyone loves smoothies, but finding tried and tested recipes takes time, so we went ahead and made a “Top 10” selection for you! You’ll find smoothie recipes for: - Better Health - Body Detox - More Energy - Faster Weight Loss - Meal Replacement Enrich your diet instantly with fruits and...

  • Your Daily Horoscope Forecast




    “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.” -- Varaha Mihira You Daily Horoscope Forecast is your premium source of daily, monthly, and yearly forecasts. To plan your days best as possible, you can now even read your horoscope one day ahead! Let this app...

  • Top 100 Free Funny Ringtones




    Top 100 Free Funny Ringtones features only high quality and hand selected MP3 ringtones. We guarantee that some of these cool sounds will make you smile, some will make you laugh, and some will make you LOL! :-D (that's the main purpose of this app!) Enjoy this free, happy little app, share...

  • Best HD Car Sounds




    If you like cars then you’ll love the free Best HD Car Sounds mobile app! Included are the best sounds of iconic cars, with original exhaust systems, so the listening experience is authentic as possible. Listen to those V6, V8, V10 and V12 engines roar! Features: - Many popular sports car...

  • Classic Catholic Prayers




    Classic Catholic Prayers is a free app with prayers for all your needs. Use this digital prayer book daily to enrich your life and to grow in love with God. Prayers can do wonders for your soul and for your well being. Learn them, study them, and let them inspire you. God’s grace is working...

  • Life Changing Bible Prayers




    Life Changing Bible Prayers is a prayerbook app for Christians, who know that God will answer their prayers, only if they ask Him to. Ask our Holy Father for health, protection, prosperity and you’ll see that positive changes are inevitable. Here you’ll find prayers for: - Health, Healing and...

  • Hot Tattoo Designs




    Hot Tattoo Designs application features a gallery with most popular tattoo design pictures (can also be used as wallpapers / lock screens), such as tribal, angel, dragon etc., which are fashionable both for men and women. Also included are various how-to articles and videos (hosted on YouTube),...

  • Essential Guide for Galaxy S4




    Samsung Galaxy S4 in one of the world’s most feature rich smartphones, so you’ll probably spend a few days, if not weeks, digesting the user manual and figuring out the numerous features and functions. Essential Guide for Galaxy S4 will help you get in grips with your new mobile in less time. It...

  • Best Bible Picture Quotes




    Best Bible Picture Quotes combines great Bible verses and passages with stunning images. Powerful words on wonderful images are a pure joy for the mind and the soul. Read God’s insightful messages (from the Old and New Testament) about life, healing, faith, inspiration, love and many more. We...

  • Top Funny Sayings Ringtones




    Top Funny Sayings Ringtones is a free app which features 75 most popular ringtone sayings! Phones and tablets come with plain notification sounds which aren’t that much fun – with this app, you can personalize any mobile device and make your day, whenever you receive a call or an email/SMS...

  • Scary Ringtones and Sounds




    Do you want to feel a big adrenalin rush (without risking your health)? Then you definitely need to try this awesome and free mobile app. Scary Ringtones and Sounds app includes a wide variety of best horror sounds and ringtones (vampires, ghosts, angry dogs and cats, monsters, themes…). You can...

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