• GameLimiter





    GameLimiter begrenzt die Zeit die man mit dem Smartphone/Tablet spielen darf.

  • SystemCleanup





    This App can move updated Systemapps Like Maps,Market or Search, back to /system/app and save space on /data/app for this is *** ROOT *** required !! ### if something doesnt work Please use the "SendDump" function of...

  • SetXperia





    now modified(and optimized) work with NEO Arc Play X10 X8 LG Optimus Speed Samsung Galaxy Motorola Milestone and maybe others ... Need ***ROOT*** AND maybe ***Custom Kernel*** set voltages on /proc/overclock/ mpu_opps /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ vdd_levels !!!HowItWorks !!! 1....

  • Inteks Donation Key

    Inteks Donation Key




    this key removes the startup waittime in SetXperia,SetVsel,Rebooter,SystemCleanup and ..... thx for donation ;o) this is only a key pls install the free version from the Play Store, too

  • SetVsel





    Overclocking Undervolting Tool for Motorola Defy. Save Akku Power and set CPU Scaling to minimum while Screen is Off. Set Scaling to maximum on incomming phonecall. Set Scaling to Medium on Low Battery With setvsel you can set Vsel OnDemand or Performance it include a stability test to ensure...

  • Rebooter





    restart only the Java maschine so it's ultra fast. it really helps when replacing system apps apk !! it has also a button for full reboot ;) ROOT IS NEEDED !!! version 1.03 optionaly start on long press search

  • SmartQRTags





    switching profiles via QR code :D printout a QR code (**or just cut one out of your newsletter** ;) ) and put it anyware for example -in the car on the dashboard to start cardock mode -in the bedroom on the bedside table to activate the flight mode -at home at the entrance door to activate...

  • Toggle Defy Flash

    Toggle Defy Flash




    This tool Toggles the Flash Torch off your Defy On Off it needs root to toggle the flash while the camcoder is running have fun

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