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  • Intel® Animation Interpolator

    Intel® Animation Interpolator




    The Intel Animation Interpolator enables rapid prototyping of Android* animations through a simple graphical user interface. This helps Android designers and developers create compelling, dynamic experiences, by providing immediate visual feedback about how animations will appear in an...

  • Intel® Ed Tech Terms

    Intel® Ed Tech Terms




    Teachers need to have as much fun learning as their students. With this new app, key words in education and their definitions are at the flip of a flashcard. Great for educational pros and those studying to be educators.

  • Dev Story /*HACK THE CODE*/

    Dev Story /*HACK THE CODE*/




    Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ was born when Intel challenged a small team of developers to build an open-source app. It’s a set of challenges about the development cycle, taking you on a journey from concept to launch! The scoop. It’s led entirely by the developer community from around the world....

  • Intel App Preview

    Intel App Preview




    Intel App Preview allows web designers and developers who are using the Intel® XDK to preview their apps on real devices. Also included is a demo of the Intel XDK APIs that shows how to use all of the features available. 2.0.0 release notes: Intel App Preview is now based on Apache* Cordova 3.5...

  • IDF14





    Catch Every Insight. Every Demo. Every Connection. No matter what part of the tech world you’re in, IDF14 is the event that will keep you on the cutting edge of technology. And this year, it’s all about you: Your startups, your creations, and your ideas. This September 9-11 , San Francisco will...

  • Intel® Selfie App for Android

    Intel® Selfie App for Android




    Say cheese! Smile. Snap a photo. Add “Andy” the Android*. Share on the Intel® Developer Zone Facebook page and through Twitter using the #IntelAndroid hashtag. The Intel Selfie App is a simple and fun native-built Android* app that offers a chance to pose with Andy and see yourself on screen at...

  • Intel® Retail Tracker

    Intel® Retail Tracker




    Application to help Intel representatives collect metrics on Intel-based devices and Intel-related merchandise materials in the Retail environment. For Intel employees, Agencies employed on behalf of Intel, Intel Retailers or Retailers Sales Persons (RSPs) and Distributor representatives on...

  • Intel一點通





    親愛的Intel夥伴們,為您量身打造的最佳銷售小幫手 - Intel一點通 - 讓您與Intel一起創造未來。Intel一點通簡單的操作介面,讓您可以快速搜尋Intel最新的產品資料。參加獨家線上活動,還可獲得Intel為您準備的精心贈品。安裝Intel一點通讓您再也不用費心上網搜尋Intel最新訊息。 本軟體提供服務包含: - Intel產品:提供Intel所有產品資料、效能評測,讓您成為Intel達人 提供完整的Intel產品搜尋與評測資料,讓您更快速了解產品的規格 - 新聞室:多樣化的資訊表現,讓您掌握所有最新Intel的資訊 -...

  • Intel® ARK (Product Specs)

    Intel® ARK (Product Specs)




    Your source for Intel® product information. Browse, search and compare product specifications; even while you’re offline. Check Intel® product features, compatibility, and code names with this fast and easy-to-use application. Products include processors, chipsets, desktop boards, solid state...

  • Intel Technology Provider

    Intel Technology Provider




    The Intel Technology Provider application delivers our technology providers a portal to timely information and services via mobile access. This tool allows users to view a statement of account, earn credits by taking training, seek support and warranty information, as well as detailed product...

  • Intel® Performance Viewer

    Intel® Performance Viewer




    Intel® Mobile Performance Viewer for Android* is a performance monitoring tool that displays collects information about the foreground application and displays it in a real time graph. The graph is displayed as a continuously running overlay widget. Use the application for quick debugging,...

  • Intel Channel Products Guide

    Intel Channel Products Guide




    The Intel Channel Products Guide makes it easy to quickly identify detailed product features and compare specifications of boxed desktop processors, motherboards, and SSDs. This tool contains currently shipping boxed desktop products. We also offer an Intel Technology Provider lookup feature....

  • Visual Ranking app

    Visual Ranking app




    Making a list is easy, right? But when it comes to ordering and prioritizing items in that list, higher-level skills of analysis and evaluation are put to use. The Visual Ranking app works in coordination with the free, online Intel Visual Ranking Tool.  A teacher uses the Web-based tool to...

  • SMG U Events

    SMG U Events




    This is the official interactive mobile app for the ISMC 2014. This mobile app allows you to: * View schedules, explore sessions, and find after parties. * Create your own personal schedule and access location and speaker information. * Access interactive maps and find local places. *...

  • Intel Free Press

    Intel Free Press




    Intel Free Press is a tech news site from Intel Corporation, covering technology and innovation stories that are often overlooked or warrant more context and deeper reporting. The news and information here is focused on people, technology, events and topics relevant to Intel and the computing...

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