Download Alphabets, Counting and Colors Alphabets, Counting and Colors icon
Alphabets, Counting and Colors

Expose your babies to the world of learning! Give them a complete 4 in 1 application to begin the first step of learning along with alphabets, counting, colors and matching alphabets along with beautiful pictures. You may try our advanced version of Word Book on your tablet.…

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Download Math Tables Math Tables icon
Math Tables

We made this application to make the life easier for kids while they learn the tables. - You may set from 2 different sounds for changing the way of speaking tables as per your country and if you want any other option to be incorporated in the application then your suggestions are always welcome. - Table module helps you to see the performance of…

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Download Drawing Book for all ages Drawing Book for all ages icon
Drawing Book for all ages

A perfect application to be more creative for all the age groups. Some of the fun things to do with this Drawing Book: - Nice fun application for all the age groups. - Very easy to use even for your toddler or preschooler. - More options to draw - Predefined templates for the kids - Save and share your pictures with your friends. * Enjoy Drawing…

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Download Kids Picture Dictionary Kids Picture Dictionary icon
Kids Picture Dictionary

After learning the alphabets, kids move further with exploring and learning the new words and hence need a good books to learn the relevant words as per their age. While keeping this concept in mind, we have made PICTURE DICTIONARY with very selected words only to give them the actual required knowledge. It has following features. 1. Easy and fun…

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Download Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables icon
Fruits and Vegetables

Give your toddlers or babies the simple and fun app to learn about fruits and vegetables with the easy and tested (given to babies in the age group of 2-7 years) interface for the age groups of 2-7 years. This app simply makes sure that kids enjoy the light and sober colors, sounds with the actual pictures of fruits and vegetables. Features: - Ea…

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Download Shapes for Kids Shapes for Kids icon
Shapes for Kids

Have you ever thought why most early childhood programs teach children their colors and shapes early in the year? Why not birds and animals and why not counting? It's because shapes are very noticeable attributes of the world around us. We all use shapes as a way of identifying and organizing visual information. Very early, Children begin to m…

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Download Math Book - Grade 1 Math Book - Grade 1 icon
Math Book - Grade 1

Now presenting the simplest way to learn the addition and subtraction for Grade 1 students. It has been specially made for Grade 1 students and tested successfully with many kids in the same age group. Main Feature: Kids can click on the images to count them and then give the answer. Images actually work like the graphical calculator and help the…

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Download Clock Learning Clock Learning icon
Clock Learning

Clock Learning app makes learning the time real fun and the kids learn to tell the time in very easy manner. You can even see if they know about the time properly or not. We have simplified the time learning and they enjoy time learning, telling the correct time and then they set the clock with the given time and come to know if they have set the…

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Download Animals and Birds Animals and Birds icon
Animals and Birds

This app is an informational source on birds and animals and it gives rich experience to your kids along with beautiful pictures and test their memory through the puzzle zone. Advantages 1. It helps kids to learn about animal and birds very easily. 2. They become smarter while seeing the pictures and navigating on the smart phone. 3. It helps kid…

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Download Shapes, Match, Count, Colors Shapes, Match, Count, Colors icon
Shapes, Match, Count, Colors

Now give your babies more fun way of learning with Word Book Plus. Give them a complete 5 in 1 application to begin the first step of learning along with Alphabets, Counting, Colors, Shapes, Matching, Missing Numbers and learning the Alphabets Patterns in a very easy manner. The below features help the application to be a single starter app for th…

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Download Math Book - Grade 2 Math Book - Grade 2 icon
Math Book - Grade 2

A fun application to practice, learn and explore the things and it makes the Math Book as Fun Book. Main Modules • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Even/Odd • Ascending • Descending • Comparison • Fact Family Other Features - - NO integration with social networks. - NO personal details collected. - NO push notific…

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Download Opposite Words - Fun Learning Opposite Words - Fun Learning icon
Opposite Words - Fun Learning

This application gives a perfect fun way to teach the opposite words to your kids with pretty colorful pictures and is divided into 3 different modules. 1. Learning You may just start with this module and see them learning while enjoying the application. 2. Puzzle Once they have gone through the 1st module and have improved some vocabulary, they…

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