• Kids Picture Dictionary




    After learning the alphabets, kids move further with exploring and learning the new words and hence need a good books to learn the relevant words as per their age. While keeping this concept in mind, we have made PICTURE DICTIONARY with very selected words only to give them the actual required...

  • Kids Magic Box




    Make your device a complete Magic Box with this application and keep your sweet heart(s) busy for hours while they keep on enjoying the application and play it as a fun game. How it works: ------------------- Magic Box is an easy-to-use voice recognition application made for the kids to easily...

  • Fun Learning 4 Kids




    Now give your kids a perfect game to keep them engaged when they keep learning something new and enjoying it as well. Features for Kids: It gives a complete game to the kids while making sure that they learn while enjoying. Simplify to learn about the touch screen. Makes them a real player in...

  • Trace and Learn




    Till now your children would have learnt to say A for Apple and B for Ball but it's time to teach them how to trace A,B and all the alphabets and numbers. Features: - All the alphabets are presented in the easiest form to teach the kids easily. - They are shown the dots and the path that...

  • Math Book - Grade 2




    A fun application to practice, learn and explore the things and it makes the Math Book as Fun Book. Main Modules • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Even/Odd • Ascending • Descending • Comparison • Fact Family Other Features - - NO integration with social...

  • Flick Math - A Math Game




    Why Flick Math Flick Math is a nice fun game for all the game lovers who love studies and love to compete. Features 1. Test your speed to calculate the basic numbers. 2. You learn to add/subtract/multiply and divide in no time. 3. You learn the importance of time. 4. You can play as per your...

  • Alphabets Matching




    This is a perfect fun application for your kids to quality time while playing this. It is designed to help check their observation whilte teaching them about basics relating with alphabets. As other games only check the memory of children, Alphabets Matching shows the bigger image and says the...

  • Brain Math




    Puzzle game for intelligent people who love to solve puzzles and keep moving with the speed. - Sharpen your mind with quick math calculations - Race for the high scores - Beat your friends - Unlimited instant fun - Game for all age groups - Check for the same colors for extra points

  • Math Tables




    We made this application to make the life easier for kids while they learn the tables. - You may set from 2 different sounds for changing the way of speaking tables as per your country and if you want any other option to be incorporated in the application then your suggestions are always...

  • Clock Learning




    Clock Learning app makes learning the time real fun and the kids learn to tell the time in very easy manner. You can even see if they know about the time properly or not. We have simplified the time learning and they enjoy time learning, telling the correct time and then they set the clock with...

  • Math Book - Grade 1




    Now presenting the simplest way to learn the addition and subtraction for Grade 1 students. It has been specially made for Grade 1 students and tested successfully with many kids in the same age group. Main Feature: Kids can click on the images to count them and then give the answer. Images...

  • 4 Words 1 Pic - Fun n Learning




    A picture says more than thousand words but can you guess 4 simple words hidden in the grid related to the given picture? Give it a TRY and enjoy the fun loving education game with your friends.

  • Spelling Time for Kids




    Spellings are the building blocks of a big and great learning experience starting from preschool and going forward. Each kid starts his journey of reading and writing from spellings only. Just keeping this in mind, we are introducing Spelling Time with very simple interface and hope to give an...

  • Shapes, Match, Count, Colors




    Now give your babies more fun way of learning with Word Book Plus. Give them a complete 5 in 1 application to begin the first step of learning along with Alphabets, Counting, Colors, Shapes, Matching, Missing Numbers and learning the Alphabets Patterns in a very easy manner. The below features...

  • Drawing Book for Kids




    Give your kids the perfect application to be more creative and put their thoughts on the canvas with Drawing Book. Some of the fun things to do with this Drawing Book: - Great for kids who enjoy coloring. - Very easy to play for your toddler or preschooler - Paint a masterpiece. - Writing a...

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