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  • Great Quotes & Sayings




    Read and share over 11,000+ quotes by famous people in over 300+ categories. Get inspired and share these with your family and friends via Email, Texts and other Chat messenger apps. Popular topics include: Love, Friendship, Courage, Birthdays, Anniversary, Ambition, Success, Adversity, Sports,...

  • Quotes Slideshow


    Quotes Slideshow contains more than 5000 quotes that you can browse through and read on your screen. More than 100 categories to choose from, you can read quotes on beautiful scenic background that will take you to a world of your own. Get inspired, smile or just motivate yourself. You can read...

  • Robot Warfare - 3D Platformer




    Robot Warfare takes you to a long lost planet which has been taken over by evil robots. Time to wage war against the machines. Defeat the robots and take over the planet! There are many more challenges you need to look out for! With each level, the robots become stronger. So get your game on and...

  • Messages & Poems - Wishafriend




    11000+ wishes and greetings packed in one super free app. * Get over 7000 wishes, messages, texts and poems in 100s of categories to send to friends, family or lover. * Thousands of greetings and graphics to share via Facebook, Whatsapp, IM apps, Email, etc. * Texts for every occasion....

  • Dress Up Contest For Girls




    Girls, who love dressup games, this is the ultimate Dressup Contest for you. 26 different looks to create and levels to cross. Show off your sense of style, fashion and creativity. Totally Free dressup game to ensure hours of fun. 26 different levels include: cowgirl, club, luau, beach, office,...

  • Nursery Rhymes For Kids




    ** 34 Favorite Nursery Rhymes - 9 free songs ** ***Over 150K happy moms and dads are using this app around the world.*** *** Super fun, educational and very interactive for toddlers *** A wonderful Nursery Rhymes app for your toddler to sing-along with music and animations. Some recent...

  • Complete Astrology & Zodiac




    Know all about yourself from your zodiac sign. Know about your personality, love and friendship from your zodiac profile. Find your birthstone, ruling planet, birth color, birth flower, birth tree and their meanings in life. Know what your birth day, date and month reveal. Know your sun sign...

  • Dancing Animals For Kids


    Welcome to the world of Dancing Animals! Yea, you got that right, animals are going to dance to entertain your little child. Watch animals come to life on your screen. You can't deny how much children get excited when they see animals. This app is equivalent to taking your kid to the zoo,...

  • Love Tarot Reading


    How will your love life be? How long will you remain single? Are you dating the right person? How will your married life be? Why did he/she break up with you? Find answers to all your love, marriage and breakup queries with Tarot Cards. Love Tarot Reading focuses on your love life. Just think...

  • Multiplication for Kids


    A great app for kids to learn all the times tables from 0 to 20. A fantastic way to practice the basic multiplication skills with ten increasing levels of difficulty. Best for kids who want to study their times tables and practice simple multiplication problems. How kids of grade 1 to 3 can...

  • Times Tables For Kids


    A wonderful game for kids to learn and practice all the times tables from 1 to 20. It is perfect for kids who want to study the times tables and and test themselves. How kids of grade 1 to 4 can benefit? - They can easily learn the times tables from 1 to 20. Every times table is spoken aloud by...

  • 50+ Free Dressups For Girls




    Totally New and Updated! 93 Free Dressups in One app. The Ultimate Dressup app for young girls. 93 Dressup themes. Hundreds of stylish looks to create. Hours of fun! You can dress up girls, couple, best friends, princess, kissing couple, animals or pets. Benefits / Features: * 93 Free looks...

  • Stories For Children




    Five timeless stories for children are packed in this storybook app. With interactive features, animations, cute characters and attractive pictures, this app is the perfect bedtime storybook for your little kid. Stories for Children: 1) The Hare and the Tortoise - free 2) The Lion and the Mouse...

  • Humpty Dumpty - Kids Rhymes




    Get the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme for toddlers. It is interactive and funny, just right to keep kids busy and entertained. The funny animations, sounds and music are a perfect combo for the little children. * No advertisements * Totally free

  • Mary Mary Quite Contrary


    Get the Mary Mary Quite Contrary nursery rhyme for toddlers. It is interactive and funny, just right to keep kids busy and entertained. The funny animations, sounds and music are a perfect combo for the little children. * No advertisements * Totally free

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