• Betamax Callback Dialer




    Works similar to Google Voice. Works by intercepting dialer function and doing a request for callback through selected Betamax provider (i.e. for example). Phone numbers in phonebook need to have "+" prefix and have full country / area code in front of the actual number. App...

  • The Chicago Food Truck Finder




    Get the scoop on where your next delicious meal is going to be! Download The Chicago Food Truck Finder today and figure out where the closest Chicago food truck will be next and when it will be open for business! Never miss the mark on finding a great meal again with The Chicago Food Truck! The...

  • World Academy Online




    World Academy Online is a complete MBA learning resource for the mobile business education. This application is developed by the market leader INTERSOG based on the work and in tight cooperation with Professor and bestselling author Dr. Jae K. Shim. Dr. Shim received his M.B.A. and Ph.D....

  • Clobyosh (Bela)




    The application in question is a mobile assistant created to help users play Debertz. With this app in hand, anyone can score games, review past score histories one round at a time, and send game results to friends with ease. It is believed that historically Debertz has spread throughout the...

  • Morton Salt Pro




    Track plowing sites and figure out your exact ice melting needs directly from your Android device! Built to help manage any commercial or business-to-business ice melting operation, The Morton Pro will help you optimize sales, work more quickly, and get the job done right! This application comes...

  • Pocket MBA Ultimate Collection




    Pocket MBA - Ultimate Collection is a marketing & management business mobile course that lets you train and test yourself, using flashcards, tests and books in all aspects of business management, finance. It covers all aspects of general management, marketing, finance.

  • Real Estate




    The most comprehensive app of its kind on the market, the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms provides a convenient and user-friendly reference tool that will be as invaluable to real estate professionals as it is for current and prospective home buyers.

  • Invest Terms




    Packed with over 1500 key investing terms, the Dictionary of Investment Terms is specifically designed for both active and casual investors. Definitions are presented in clear, easy to understand language and supplemented by helpful tables and graphs to practically illustrate complex concepts.

  • Enneagram Test




    10 minutes to reveal the Real You. The Enneagram model recognizes 9 distinct personality types that vary in their composition for each individual. An abridged version of the full test, this test uses 36 forced-choice statements to calculate each user’s unique personality profile.

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