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  • Llantas Tucan

    Llantas Tucan




    Esta aplicación para Smartphones y Tablets incorpora la tecnología de la Realidad Aumentada para que puedas explorar nuestro catálogo de llantas como nunca lo habías hecho. Muy importante: Accede a para imprimir las marcas de Realidad Aumentada. Características: •...

  • Internet Speed Tester

    Internet Speed Tester




    Internet Speed Tester performs a test of the actual speed of your Internet access under 20 seconds on your smartphone or tablet. • PING (min, med, max) in ms • DOWNLOAD (min, med, max) in kbps • UPLOAD (min, med, max) in kbps 5G / 4G / 3.9G / 3G / 2G / 1G / 0G WiMAX / LTE / UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA...

  • Wacky Cows

    Wacky Cows




    Who said cows couldn't fly? Now they've found a way. Use crazy gadgets to help cows to fly as far as posible! Wacky Cows includes: - 9 wacky cows - 30 flying gadgets - 3 landscapes - Achievements Wacky Cows is a funny video game with realistic physics simulation. You will have...

  • Wacky Cows Deluxe

    Wacky Cows Deluxe




    Wacky Cows is back with a completely new version! Join the +50,000 users who already downloaded Wacky Cows on it's free app! Now with HD graphics, without ads, and with more adjusted dificulty. You can use 6 free gadgets to enjoy Wacky Cows Deluxe right from the first game. Who said cows...

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