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  • EWP 2014 Electrical Wiring Pro




    Updated from Electrical Wiring Pro (2011) to include the 2014 NEC. New features per 2014 NEC include: - Residential Service/Feeder calculation using the 83% method rather than the old Table 310(B)(7) - Revised Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing sizing per the larger values in the new code - 1000...

  • EWP 2011 Electrical Wiring Pro




    Electrical Wiring Pro is now EWP 2011. A new separate app, EWP 2014, has the same functionality, but is updated for the 2014 NEC. EWP 2014 will receive new features and EWP 2011 is now in maintenance/bugfix mode. ** If you are thinking of buying this app, you probably want to buy EWP 2014...

  • AWG Metric Wire Converter




    For Electrical Designers, Electricians, and others working with electrical wire. Helps convert between AWG & Metric Wire Sizes by providing size information to make a choice between the next smallest or largest wire size in the other system. Includes both solid and stranded, standard wire...

  • 3 Phase - Beta




    3 Phase current, voltage and KVA. Delta or Wye configurations. Beta - email suggestions or issues to

  • Pire Wheel




    Subset (1/21 apps) of Electrical Wiring Pro Electrical Pire Wheel Interactive graphic with any two of: P - Power I - Amps R - Ohms E - Volts to find the other two, using the formulas taught in basic electrical classes. Calculator for Electrician's using Pire Wheel.

  • Conduit Runner Pro




    March Madness - >50% Off SUBSET OF Electrical Wiring Pro app -- IF YOU HAVE ELECTRICAL WIRING PRO, YOU HAVE THIS FUNCTIONALITY AS OF VERSION 5.1 Conduit Bends, Fill and other calculations: BENDS: -Offsets, inc rolling -Parallel Runs -3-bend Saddle -Corner obstacles o Round or Rectangle...

  • Resi Electric Service FreeCalc




    Performs Standard and Optional Methods Single Family Dwelling Load Calculations per NEC Article 220. Ideal for quickly and accurately checking which calculation yields optimal results. Outputs: - Load VA & Amps - Standard or Minimum Size Breaker - Neutral Amps - Copper and Aluminum...

  • Electrical Load Calc Pro




    Load Calculations per NEC Article 220 (Currently Residential Calcs only) as well as Ampacity Calculators for Sizing Service, Feeder, Branch Circuit Conductors, GECs and EGCs. Introductory Priced. SUBSET OF Electrical Wiring Pro app -- IF YOU HAVE ELECTRICAL WIRING PRO, YOU HAVE THIS...

  • Electrical Wiring Lite




    Partial subset of Electrical Wiring Pro functionality. Free: - Pire Wheel/Ohms Law - Conduit Offset/3pt saddle - Ampacity Sizing - Residential Load - Standard and Optional Methods o Demand Load in VA and Amps, Neutral Current o Copper and Aluminum Service, Neutral, GEC, EGC conductors -...

  • Canadian Wiring Lite




    Electrical Wiring per the 2009 Canadian Electrical Code. Free application, part of the Intineo Wiring Series. Ampacity & Wire Sizing - Determine ampacity for a given wire per Tables 1-4 - Given ampacity required, determine wire size needed per Tables 1-4 - Grounding Conductor Sizing -...

  • Voltage Drop Lite




    Calculates wire size (AWG) or maximum length of wire for voltage drop per NEC Chapter 9 tables 8 & 9 and all relevant correction factors. Accounts for: - Phase (DC, 1phase, 3 phase) - 1-9 parallel conductors - Source Voltage - Ambient (C/F) - Drop % or volts - Distance (ft/m) - Load amperes -...

  • All Temperature Converter




    Easily convert between 8 different temperature scales: - Celsius - Fahrenheit - Kelvin - Rankine - Delisle - Newton - Reaumur - Romer Enter temperatures three ways: 1) Via keypad to any of the 8 scales 2) Sliding the reading of the "thermometer" 3) Using the +/- 1 and 10 degree keys...

  • Cover Depth Electrical




    NEC and CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) Cover Requirements for Cables, Conductors and Raceways. References Pertinent data from NEC Tables 300.5 and 300.50, as well as CEC Table 53 and Rule 12-012. Helpful aid to determining burial depth for electrical conductors in the U.S. or Canada. Keywords:...

  • Pull Box Helper




    Helps size height, width and depth of pull/junction boxes and conduit bodies for wire sizes 4 AWG and larger. Based on NEC 2008 314.28. Electrical Wiring Pull Boxes, Gutters, Junction Boxes, Condulets, Conduit Bodies. Free Beta/Draft. Send feedback to developer

  • MotorMan




    NEMA Standard Motor Dimensions If you don't know what a T-Frame is, this may not be the app for you. Input Frame Size or HP+RPM+Era, output is dimensions. Also tables of Open and Enclosed 3-phase frame sizes. Click on motor picture to get alternate view of graphic. For my friends who...

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