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  • AWG Metric Wire Converter

    AWG Metric Wire Converter




    For Electrical Designers, Electricians, and others working with electrical wire. Helps convert between AWG & Metric Wire Sizes by providing size information to make a choice between the next smallest or largest wire size in the other system. Includes both solid and stranded, standard wire...

  • 3 Phase - Beta

    3 Phase - Beta




    3 Phase current, voltage and KVA. Delta or Wye configurations. Beta - email suggestions or issues to

  • Pire Wheel

    Pire Wheel




    Subset (1/21 apps) of Electrical Wiring Pro Electrical Pire Wheel Interactive graphic with any two of: P - Power I - Amps R - Ohms E - Volts to find the other two, using the formulas taught in basic electrical classes. Calculator for Electrician's using Pire Wheel.

  • Conduit Runner Pro

    Conduit Runner Pro




    March Madness - >50% Off SUBSET OF Electrical Wiring Pro app -- IF YOU HAVE ELECTRICAL WIRING PRO, YOU HAVE THIS FUNCTIONALITY AS OF VERSION 5.1 Conduit Bends, Fill and other calculations: BENDS: -Offsets, inc rolling -Parallel Runs -3-bend Saddle -Corner obstacles o Round or Rectangle...

  • All Temperature Converter

    All Temperature Converter




    Easily convert between 8 different temperature scales: - Celsius - Fahrenheit - Kelvin - Rankine - Delisle - Newton - Reaumur - Romer Enter temperatures three ways: 1) Via keypad to any of the 8 scales 2) Sliding the reading of the "thermometer" 3) Using the +/- 1 and 10 degree keys...

  • MotorMan





    NEMA Standard Motor Dimensions If you don't know what a T-Frame is, this may not be the app for you. Input Frame Size or HP+RPM+Era, output is dimensions. Also tables of Open and Enclosed 3-phase frame sizes. Click on motor picture to get alternate view of graphic. For my friends who...

  • Conduit Bend Lite

    Conduit Bend Lite




    EZ Conduit Bend calculator for offset and 3-bend saddles. For Electricians bending conduit, or others doing Electrical work. No ads.

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