IntoFan Soft

  • Glow Tiles Live Wallpaper




    This Live Wallpaper is HD compatible and can be used with any screen resolutions without distortion or blurring. It will fill your entire screen with Tiles that glow (change colors at the speed you set) and can easily be tailored to your own aesthetic preferences. Reviewed by

  • Tire Size Calculator




    Compare tire/wheel specs conveniently and get guide for tire/wheel upgrade. Most advanced Android tire/wheel calculator utility! Help you to choose upgrade tire/wheel safely and wisely, because Safety and Performance both matter! What makes this app standing out: see how much equivalent chassis...

  • Quick Volume Settings




    Just put the app icon in your dock or home screen, and tap it to quickly change ALL Volume Settings in one place. The settings include: Ringer mode (Normal/Vibrate/Silent), Ringer volume, Notification volume, System volume, Alarm volume, Media volume, Voice Call volume. Reviewed by...

  • Smart Volume Profile Manager




    Tired of MANUALLY adjust your phone's Ringer Mode and Volumes everyday when you go to work or classes, and adjust again after leaving? Ever experienced embarrassing loud rings in the middle of meetings or classes, or missed calls after leaving because you forgot to adjust the Ringer Mode?...

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