• 1/16





    15/16(93.75%)の確率でお金がもらえるボタンがあります。 何回でも押すことができますが、1/16を引いてしまうと死にます。 死ぬ前に押すのを止め、大金を持ち帰り下さい。 (注:実際にお金はもらえません。) 一部効果音に以下サイト様のフリー音源を使用しております。 兜虫とパンケーキ - Music is VFR -

  • 99% or 1%

    99% or 1%




    99%の確率でお金がもらえるボタンがあります。 何度でも押すことができますが、1%を引いてしまうと死にます。 死ぬ前に押すのを止め、大金を獲得してください。 (注:実際にお金はもらえません。) 一部効果音に以下サイト様のフリー音源を使用しております。 兜虫とパンケーキ - ユウラボ8bitサウンド工房 -

  • Always Bubble Wrap

    Always Bubble Wrap




    You can BubbleWrap infinitely! Number of bubble wrap be able to compete in the world rankings. Aim! Best in the world! ! !

  • Brightness Scheduler

    Brightness Scheduler




    Brightness scheduler is an application which changes the brightness of screen-light automatically at the reserved time. Helpful to schedule as follows. - In the morning, set the screen a little dark. - In the afternoon, set the screen bright . - In the night, set the screen dark. In addition...

  • Flip Paper-Money

    Flip Paper-Money




    This application can count the paper-money as you like There are two games below. (1)[Always]Flip Paper-Money - If you flip the bill, passbook balances can be increased. (2)[Million]Fast Flip - Compete for earliness until it counts 100 bills. The passbook balance and a time can be tweet by...

  • Reflex Test

    Reflex Test




    Measure the reaction rate. There are four different games. [Fast push : color] Quickly tap the button when turns red! Measures the time until the tap. [Fast push : sound] Quickly tap the button when rang sound! Measures the time until the tap. [Fast push : vibrator] Quickly tap the button when...

  • Number Touch

    Number Touch




    Game Touch the number of 1 to 25. Compete for time until the end of the touch. Also supports net ranking. More apps -> YouTube -> Twitter ->!/In_Trinity Facebook ->...

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Game




    The game to measure the reaction rate by rock-paper-scissors. Measure the time until the correct answer 10 times. There are two kinds of games. Level1 is single tap, and Level2 is double tap. it is wonderful when level1's record is 12 seconds or less. it is wonderful when level2's...

  • Seconds Clock Widget

    Seconds Clock Widget




    Clock Widget. The widget will display the number of seconds. Can customize the Background color and Text color and Transparency.

  • Alarm Tube

    Alarm Tube




    Alarm Tube is an app to play YouTube video at a specific time. Only the number of videos that have been uploaded to Youtube, you can select the alarm sound. Let's wake up every morning with a variety of music video!

  • Screen On Battery (Status Bar)

    Screen On Battery (Status Bar)




    When phone turn on the screen, this app display the battery level in status bar. Notification will disappear after the passage of a certain period of time. this app is recommended for those who do not want to appear in the status bar always the battery icon!

  • Reflex Test2

    Reflex Test2




    Measure the reaction rate. Reflex Test sequel. There are two games. [Random] 15 Tap the Random button! [Two-points push] 20 Tap the button! Measures the time until the tap. Measurements can tweet on Twitter. [Random]&[Two-points push] It is wonderful when this result is 5 seconds or less.

  • Widget Memo Paid version

    Widget Memo Paid version




    This widget can be noted in the home screen. You can customize various. Can edit the memo when you touch the widget. ● Size can choose from three types of widgets. · 2x1 size · 3x1 size · 4x1 size · 2x2 size · 3x2 size · 4x2 size ● You can customize the following. ・ Text size ・ Text color ・...

  • Peripheral Vision Test

    Peripheral Vision Test




    Peripheral vision training application. Select the color or shape that has the most number. There are two types of test. [ Peripheral vision test -Color- ] Select the color that has the most number. Four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. [ Peripheral vision test -Shape- ] Select the shape...

  • Backlight Switch

    Backlight Switch




    BacklightSwitch is an app that keep backlight when you want to see screen slowly. ・ON/OFF switch Touch the status bar notification area, device screen keep backlight. ・AUTO Running of the app selected by [Application select] will turn ON automatically. This application is a free version. The...

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