• IQ Lover Tester




    Find out if your partner is the one for you with whis love calculator and love tester. Simply type in your names and click the heart button ...

  • IQ Wind Chill Calculator




    Winter is coming. Use this calculator to find out how cold is on the wind. Coming soon: - Widget version - Automatic temperature retrieval, based on your location. - Automatic speed retrieval (GPS required)

  • IQ Converter




    Unit converter, full version. It converts angle, area, computer, density, electricity, energy, force, fuel, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume units.

  • DOF Calculator




    Depth Of Field (DoF) Calculator. Photographers tool for calculating hyper focal distance and depth of field.

  • IQ Counter


    Universal counter. Use it to count whatever needs to be counted. People, cars, airplanes, trains, meteors, cigarettes, etc. Features: - Remembers last value - Volume buttons can be used for counting

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