Iridium Iris Software

  • A Chord Finder, Guitar & Piano

    A Chord Finder, Guitar & Piano




    Reverse chord finder for guitar and piano, with a chord progression harmonizer. Have you thought about the number of times you have spent on identifying which chord you actually played on your guitar or piano but didn't know the name of? With this application you just have to fill in the...

  • Chord Progression Harmonizer

    Chord Progression Harmonizer




    Chord Progression Harmonizer; This application will help you find chord progressions for your next hit song! You can play around with chords in the sequencer and choose or change key or chords. Songwriting tool for the mobile musician, useful for experiments and testing harmonies. OBS!...

  • Space Box - Mind Game

    Space Box - Mind Game




    Do you like mindgames, or space games? This game is a crossover between these two. Mindgame: You will have to remember in what order to hit the boxes. Spacegame: Hit the boxes and guide a sphere through the levels by placing moving boxes with your spaceship. Remember in what order to hit the...

  • Thorough Tuner

    Thorough Tuner




    Tune your guitar with the Thorough Tuner fast and precise, choose a string and it will automatically sense which string it is and show you the current Hertz and difference between the current Hertz and the intended tone. This application is also a part of A Chord Finder Guitar & Pano, now...

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