• Dead Land




    Welcome to Dead Land. You must defeat your fears for survival and salvation in this reign of zombies.You have to walk through the road without being noticed by them and kill them with different weapons. You can get these weapons by walking to the bright lights on the road. Features: * Stunning...

  • JetCat




    Think a special cat with jetpack. Race with cars in traffic and fight against to the enemies. Upgrade your jetpack Use different type boosts Upgrates

  • Highway Racer vs Police Cars




    It must be very exciting and both dangerous to weave through the traffic. Then, do you like to have such adrenalin without any danger? Highway Racer (HR) has been developed as an ambitious game to make you feel this excitement. You can choose one of the fastest cars which suits you best, and you...

  • Kids The Menaces




    Kids The Menace is one of the most ambitious runner games with its 3D scenes, incredible graphics, sounds & musics and addictive gaming style. The characters of the game are close friends living in a mountain village. They are caught on act by the old grandpa when stealing apples and chase...





    Racer UNDERGROUND offers an experience of high adrenaline, exciting and entertaining racing game to you. Nothing is missing in this game; chasing criminals, escaping from police and reaching the target, racing to finish ahead of competitors, achieving the best time and much more.. Racing and...

  • Racing Challenge : Speed Car




    Racing Challenge : Speed Car Join the adventure of becoming legendary after amateur racing. We need a fast and fearless racer to accomplish difficult and dangerous tasks. Can you accomplish these tasks for us? You will get surprise gifts and coins after every task. You can purchase new cars and...

  • 4 Pics 1 Word - Inspector Nick




    Help Inspector Nick. Guess the word by looking to the 4 different related pictures. 4 different pictures tell something in common. You can get more credits if you can guess the word with revealing less pictures than revealing all pictures, and you can use this credits to get some hints. If you...

  • Scratch Pics Guess Words




    Guess the word with reducing fog above picture You can get more credits if you can guess the word with less reducing fog , and you can use this credits to get some hints. If you get stuck for some word, you can get help from your friends by sharing the question on Facebook The levels of the...

  • Word Search 2013 - Free




    Word search game is addictive. If you are confident you have the ability for quick detection, being carefull, quick evaluation of alternatives then this game is just for you. You should try to find all of the words in race against time. You can see the scores of your competitors and you can play...

  • Cugga : Game & App Downloads




    Cugga App Market is a unique application with its own browsing options and categories. Our Editorial team continuously updating our unique categories. Cugga's browsing options & categories: - You can choose your mood and quickly reach related games & applications. For example, Are...

  • 3D Led Live Wallpaper - LWP




    You can create your own 3D live wallpaper with this application. After typing your name in a textbox, adjusting animation speed and choosing the font size with using menu options then you can start using your live wallpaper. You can display different animation effects by touching on the screen...

  • IS Battery Saver




    (IS) Battery Saver is all in one battery and power management solution for android. Don't charge your phone everyday. (IS) Battery Saver helps you and protect your battery. Features : - 2x1 and 1x1 battery widgets are showing combination of current battery level, temperature (optional) and...

  • Flashlight +




    With IS Flashlight, you can control the LED flashlight of your mobile device, turn on/off light with one touch configuration.Alternatively you can use long touch configuration to turn on/off. Special Features: The most remarkable feature of the (IS) Flashlight is the ability of listening the...

  • Task Manager




    (IS) Advanced Task Killer is a smart tool to manage, uninstall and kill running applications in background. With This Tool you can speed up your phone and save your battery. (IS) Advanced Task Killer helps you and prolong your phone and battery life. (IS) Advanced Task Killer is the best task...

  • 4 фотки 1 Слово




    4 фотки 1 Слово – Инспектор НИК Описание Помощь инспектора Ника. Отгадайте слово посмотрев 4 разные картинки. 4 разные картинки иллюстрируют одно слово. Вы можете получить больше кредитов, если отгадаете слово не открывая все картинки. Вы можете использовать эти кредиты, чтобы получить...

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