isTom Games

  • 6.7

    Nyan Cat: The Space Journey




    Guide the Nyan Cat through a space adventure fraught with peril

  • Impossible Draw




    -==TAKE A TRANQUILIZING TRIP INTO CYBERSPACE==- Mimic the signs of virtuality to progress through a world where colors, shapes and music forms an ecstatic atmosphere. Draw symbols, collect bytes and enjoy the hypnotic mix of audiovisual harmony! Test your drawing skills, while your mind will be...

  • Flappy Nyan




    Do you think that only a bird can flap it's wings and fly? Ask Nyan Cat for the answer in her newest adventure in Flappy Nyan! From isTom Games, the creators of the famous and succesful Nyan Cat series, comes Tappy Nyan which raises the bar higher than ever! Use your rythm to tap Nyan Cat...

  • 7.0

    Nyan Cat: Lost In Space




    Help the cat collect all the stars

  • Monster Feeder




    -==THE COOLEST INSTANT GAME ON THE PLAY STORE==- Ever wanted to feed hungry monsters? Here’s your chance! Monster Feeder is an old-school arcade style casual game. Become a Monster Feeder and feed your monsters with fresh meat and vegetables! Unlock awesome themes and famous-like monsters, then...

  • 7.8

    Mad Bullets




    A simple shooter action game for fans of the genre

  • ShipBreaker




    On this warm summer night Jack was sleeping peacefully in his bed, when a laser beam scanned his room. A few minutes later he was floating through his window, taken by mean aliens. He wakes up in a medical research lab on a UFO. Eventually he can manage to escape, but he has to fight the aliens...

  • Skyrex




    The game is based on the classic labyrinth game where you control the ball while avoiding traps and holes to reach the destination. In fact, it is much more. You need to escape through 30 beautifully designed levels from Skyrex. During your way you need to overcome countless obstacles and...

  • Paper Train Reloaded




    Don't miss the train! The world's most entertaining train controller game is back with 300 mighty levels. Even the original version was awesome: "Charmingly hand-drawn landscapes laid out on simulated graph paper" - Kotaku [] "Controlling chaos and...

  • Jackie Jump




    ★★★ From the creators of Nyan Cat: Lost In Space and Nyan Cat JUMP! ★★★ The romantic picnic of the lovers was interrupted by the envious chipmunk, all of the provenders were stolen. Help Jackie and Sally to collect them in 5 worlds! Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot and...

  • Nyan Cat: Jump!




    A new game from the creators of NYAN CAT: Lost In Space, the most successful NYAN CAT game on the Google Play Store! (until now! :)) Full gameplay experience for FREE! No game mode limit, no playtime limit! iTunes reviews (US/UK): "THIS IS THE BEST! I friggin love at the nyan cat games...

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