IT Plus

  • Wi-Fi Controller Widget




    If your android phone has Wi-Fi tethering (portable Wi-Fi hotspot) functionality, try this widget to turn on & off it. By pressing the icon, the state will be toggled between W-Fi OFF, Wi-Fi ON and Wi-Fi tethering ON. To enable this widget, long press on the home screen, then select...

  • Dex Dump




    Caution, this application is for developers. You can dump Dex files on the android device. This application contains following features. - lists apk/dex files - lists packages and classes - shows class definition - lists instance/class variables - lists instance/class methods - shows method...

  • Log Viewer




    You can view real-time system log of android. Following four log files can be displayed. In particular, the event log is more easy-to-see forms than the standard logcat program. - main - the main application log file - system - a log for low-level system messages and debugging - events - for...

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