iTalk Global Communications, Inc.

  • iTalkBB(SG)




    With iTalkBB (SG) App, you can now make high quality VoIP (voice over IP) or VoLTE (Voice over 3G/4G/LTE) calls to Singapore, China, Philippines, USA, and Canada etc. countries at lowest rates! It’ll save you a lot on your phone bill if you are facing any of the following problems: 1)High local...

  • iTalkBB




    Description iTalkBB users, TALK WORLDWIDE from your mobile phone! iTalkBB App is a free international calling app that enables iTalkBB users to make international calls worldwide faster, easier and at a lower cost. With iTalkBB App, you can make calls using Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, or your mobile carrier’s...

  • iTalkM




    Enjoy overseas calling on your smartphone! iTalkM is a free app for making overseas calls easier, faster, and at lower rates. Benefits of using iTalkM App•Free app with low international calling rates-(Free minutes varies by plans)-(Up to 60% of savings vs. other competing providers)•Direct...

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