• Fix The Picture

    Fix The Picture




    Fix the picture the full version contains 30 levels now for free!! "Fix The Picture" is a great free challenging brain game. Warning !!! "Fix The Picture" is an addictive game. about the game: Each level contains one picture , your goal is to fix it. You fix it by tapping...

  • Fast Contact

    Fast Contact




    Great free Useful simple tool for adding new contact during a phone call in one click. Contact details: First name,LastName,Phone number,Mobile Number and Email. You just need to tap on the "Fast Contact" button on the dial screen during a phone call , insert the contact details and...

  • Call Tricks

    Call Tricks




    The great application "Call Tricks" is now contain 25 tricks for FREE What you get from Call Tricks? - 25 tricks (will be updated soon) - The tricks are divided to categories like: * Home. * Outside. * Voices. * Animals. - You can play each trick in loop. - coming Soon... play...

  • Bluetooth Manager

    Bluetooth Manager




    Great free simple tool to manage your remote bluetooth devices and to play music to any audio bluetooth device (mono headset , mono handsfree). Supports all bulid in bluetooth settings functionality and far more. Play music to mono devices: Listen to music on mono headset or on a car...

  • Bluetooth Manager ICS

    Bluetooth Manager ICS




    The great tool "Bluetooth Manager" now for ICS note: To route music to a mono headset use any media player Besides the android default "media player". Great free simple tool to manage your remote bluetooth devices and to play music to any audio bluetooth device (mono headset...

  • Shapes Runner free game

    Shapes Runner free game




    Shapes Runner is an addictive free game for your leisure time. The game goal is to save the rolling stone from passing or hit the nearest shape as long as you can , to remove the nearest shape you need to click the suitable button from the four shapes buttons. Use the "jump" button to...

  • Facebook dating game Spacebook

    Facebook dating game Spacebook




    Great free game that integrates between meeting people on facebook and cool space game. Facebook profiles: - View random facebook profiles from all over the world using a filter. - View celebs facebook profiles. Your goal is to hit as many facebook spaceship as you can. Each time you hit a...

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