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    Transformer 02 2014

    In 2012, the hacktivist collective Anonymous broke into the mail server of Syria’s Ministry of Presidential Affairs and accessed the e-mail accounts of a number of officials. A few months later over 2.4 million e-mails from that attack were given to Wikileaks. In 2013, Barack Obama’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the e-mail accounts of his s…

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    MTN Data Centres

    MTN’s Data Centre Services mean more than just moving your company’s IT budget from Capex to Opex. It means you have the ability to expand or scale back resources to your immediate needs knowing that the supporting infrastructure will scale with you. It means paying for what you need and nothing more. Our Data Centre Services are tailored to your c…

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    Internet Solutions (IS) is the leading African Internet Protocol-based Communications Service Provider. IS strives to offer a superior client service experience for client and partner organisations. IS is a wholly owned division of Dimension Data Middle East & Africa, itself a subsidiary of Dimension Data, a global systems integrator. ​ Since…

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    defenceWeb was established in September 2008 to provide defence professionals as well as specialists interested in defence matters in Africa a consolidated source for news, information, research and insight. Our focus audience is the key opinion-former and decision-maker in Parliament, the executive, officialdom, the military, industry, academia, t…

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    The Margin Q4 2014

    What I really enjoy about working on The Margin is the diversity of channel companies and the wide range of business and technology areas we cover. Considering this, and the old adage ‘you can never please all of the people all of the time’, I’m sure some topics we cover will appeal to a larger number of readers than others. That said, I think the…

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    CareerWeb is the only ICT recruitment portal in SA which, for the past 12 years has focused purely on the ICT industry. With its commitment to providing the best product, service and value to this specialist sector of the market, CareerWeb now extends its offering to other sectors of the ICT arena as well as the financial sector.

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    Decibel 01 2014

    Welcome to the very first issue of DECIBEL – the new magazine for Barclays Africa’s Corporate and Investment Banking division. With the first anniversary of the creation of Barclays Africa Group Ltd upon us, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for the business to grow and evolve to meet its goal o…

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    The Margin Q2 2015

    Madonna and Apple excel at it, while only idiots try to do this to the wheel. What am I talking about? Reinvention – taking something that exists and tweaking, reworking or rebranding it to make it more palatable. The world of technology certainly isn’t immune to rebranding something in the hope of boosting adoption or sales. One of the greatest e…

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