Ivan Gorinov

  • Weather Stations




    This application provides a database of aviation weather stations that have their data on NOAA site. Station list is sorted by distance from the current location. Current observation (METAR) and forecast (TAF) can be downloaded for the selection station from the NOAA site. The weather station...

  • String Tuner




    This is a software tuner that analyzes signal from an internal microphone or connected audio input. 4 independent PLL are tracking first harmonics of the string and show the deviation on a scale in cents. Four different scales available: -150 .. +150 (10 cents division) -75 .. +75 (5 cents...

  • Sensitive Altimeter




    A barometric altimeter with manual and automatic adjustment. This application uses internal barometric sensor in the portable device and displays a digital or three-pointer dial altitude indicator. Automatic adjustment uses altimeter settings from weather observation data on NOAA site. Sensitive...

  • Vertical Speed Indicator




    A software variometer. This application estimates climb/descent rate using statistical analysis of barometric sensor data and displays it on a dial indicator. Does not need weather information to work.

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