Ivan Volosyuk.

  • 7.0





    DiskUsage provides a way to monitor files and directories on storage

  • Baby Puzzle




    Simple puzzle for children 2-4 years. Task is by clicking on pieces combine one of 6 animals and you'll hear the voice of the animal. Online library of tiles! Just press MENU. Add your own tiles at website: http://babypuzzle.appspot.com New: Simple version for 1 year old children....

  • DPAD Keyboard




    ASUS Transformer doesn't have DPAD Center key. This simplest app emulates the key with SPACE for games which cannot be used without it.

  • Send to Computer




    The program is the opposite to Chrome2Phone app and works with any browser without special plugins. When reading web pages on my android I would like sometimes to take a look at it on my computer when at home. This is it! Open our site in a browser on your computer, scan displayed barcode on...

  • 5.0

    WiFi Keyboard




    WiFi Keyboard allows you to type on your Android by using your computer's keyboard

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