Jacek Fedorynski

  • Polish Text Watch




    An Android Wear watch face showing the time in Polish. This is a watch face for Android Wear smartwatches. It does not show up on the phone as an app or an icon.

  • Morse Code Reader




    Listens to Morse code through your phone's mic and translates it to text. The application is somewhat picky about the listening conditions, so if it doesn't work, try adjusting the volume or repositioning the phone in relation to the speaker. If you can't get it to work, send me an...

  • NXT Remote Control




    Control your Lego Mindstorms NXT robot from your phone via Bluetooth. Connect the wheel motors to outputs B and C and optionally the action motor to output A. Several control schemes to choose from (switch from menu). Send me an email if you encounter any problems or have any comments or...

  • Panorama Tatr




    Aplikacja nakłada na obraz z kamery telefonu podpisy odpowiadające widocznym szczytom w Tatrach. Działanie aplikacji opiera się na wskazaniach sensorów w twoim telefonie, w tym m.in. kompasu. Jeśli szczyty pokazywane przez aplikację nie pokrywają się z tymi w rzeczywistości, można po pierwsze...

  • Poker Odds Evaluator




    Poker odds calculator: choose players' hole cards and optionally some of the board cards and get winning probability and equity for each player. Currently supports Texas Holdem only. Uses code from Steve Brecher.

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