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    有任何問題或建議請於下列討論串發表,會儘快為你解答。 http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=423&t=3086160&p=1 FAQ: 1. 要如何新增優惠 或是 修改 費率? A: 在我的資費畫面選擇“修改內容”,如要新增優惠可以按“新增”,會出現 ”新增優惠“ 畫面,填寫完畢後, 按 ”新增畫面“的新增按鈕就完成。 如要修改費率,像改成半價,按下方的“修改費率”,會出現所有的費率資訊,每一個欄位都可修改。...

  • Location Tracking




    features: 1. free for all function and no ads FOR NOW 1. track unlimited locations in real time 2. unlimited trace records stored every day in your device 3. stable and robust location track 4. adjustable track time for save battery power 5. enter/leave certain region notification This app is...

  • VDZ(Video download)




    A powerful video download tool !

  • VDZ - Video Download Z




    VDZ is a video downloader. Through the built in web browser you can download the videos. Features: 1. Supported websites: DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Funtude, bilibili.tv, CK101,mymedia, Xuite, www.youku.com, 3g.56.com, www.tudou.com, vuclip, videobash 2. Automatically and reliably...

  • MP3CZ - MP3 Converter Z




    It can extract audio from video file and convert to mp3. Advanced options supports different quality.

  • Photo Diary/Calendar Z




    1 photo 1 day, help you to record everyday. - Write diary on photo features: 1. powerful photo calendar widget 2. post to facebook 3. photo statictics report 4. add note to photo keyword: photo diary, picture diary, photo 365, 1 day 1 photo, diary, calendar

  • Call Recoder Z




    Record your every call easily and automatically. No complicated setting. You can record your call, playback the call, and add note for the call. IMPORTANT: some devices may not work properly!!

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