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    有任何問題或建議請於下列討論串發表,會儘快為你解答。 http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=423&t=3086160&p=1 FAQ: 1. 要如何新增優惠 或是 修改 費率? A: 在我的資費畫面選擇“修改內容”,如要新增優惠可以按“新增”,會出現 ”新增優惠“ 畫面,填寫完畢後, 按 ”新增畫面“的新增按鈕就完成。 如要修改費率,像改成半價,按下方的“修改費率”,會出現所有的費率資訊,每一個欄位都可修改。...

  • VDZ(Video download)




    A powerful video download tool !

  • VDZ - Video Download Z




    VDZ is a video downloader. Through the built in web browser you can download the videos. Features: 1. Supported websites: DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Funtude, bilibili.tv, CK101,mymedia, Xuite, www.youku.com, 3g.56.com, www.tudou.com, vuclip, videobash 2. Automatically and reliably...

  • MP3CZ - MP3 Converter Z




    It can extract audio from video file and convert to mp3. Advanced options supports different quality.

  • Photo Diary/Calendar Z




    1 photo 1 day, help you to record everyday. - Write diary on photo features: 1. powerful photo calendar widget 2. post to facebook 3. photo statictics report 4. add note to photo keyword: photo diary, picture diary, photo 365, 1 day 1 photo, diary, calendar

  • Call Recoder Z




    Record your every call easily and automatically. No complicated setting. You can record your call, playback the call, and add note for the call. IMPORTANT: some devices may not work properly!!

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