JAG Studios

  • Hex Arena

    Hex Arena




    WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME DEFEND OFF AN ENDLESS AMOUNT OF ENEMY WAVES! Hex Arena is an endless play over-the-head shooter in which you defend off waves of enemy hex ships! HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE? Each wave of enemies gets tougher and longer, meaning more intense combat! Directions:...

  • Zombrainz



    HELP BATHROBE BILL SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE HORDE! PLAY as Bathrobe Bill in Zombrainz and fight hordes of zombie experiments that were created by Bill himself! DEFEND yourself against the enemies with weapons like the TOWEL, PISTOL, and SHOTGUN! FIGHT zombies like NO-FACE, BIG-FACE, and FAT-FACE!...

  • Fruit Basket

    Fruit Basket




    Fruit Basket is a game in which you move a basket by tilting your device in attempt to catch falling apples. Red apples are worth 10 points, yellow apples are worth 15 points, and green apples restore time! Created by a 16 year old hoping to one day become an indie game developer.

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