Jakub Dyszkiewicz

  • GateSMS - Free Gateways




    GateSMS will help you to send sms from popular polish internet gates in convenient way. Pay less for text messages! ====== Supported Gates ====== - Orange SMS PL - Orange Multibox (mbox) PL - T-Mobile Omnix Multimedialna PL - T-Mobile Omnix Sponsorowana PL - PlusGSM PL - Wapster PL - Slide SMS...

  • Fake Call & SMS




    Do you have awkward situation or do you just want to make a prank? Use Fake Call & SMS! With few click you can make yourself alibi. It will save you if you forgot to text or call someone. All this in Holo Theme (Android ICS i Jelly Bean) Application saves information in stock sms and dialer...

  • Timer & Stopwatch Holo




    Simple, easy, beautiful. Timer & Stopwatch with Android Holo theme (ICS and Jelly Bean). It will perfectly match to your new Android device. If you like this app, please rate it. If you have problem, question or suggestion contact me. Features: ★ Stopwatch (countdown) ★ Timer (chronometer)...

  • Anti Fly (Fly repeller)




    Repel flies using Anti Fly Fly Repeller prevents you from getting annoyed by flies Are you being annoyed by flies? There are everywhere. Just turn on Anti Fly, choose pitch, click start and enjoy your peacful time. Anti Fly can be also used as Anti Mosquito (Mosquito Repeller). All in one...

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