• Snake Game


    Snake is a video game concept which originated during the late 1970s in arcades. The name applies to the general game design; the original was not named Snake, and there is no definitive version of the game. Its simplicity has led to many implementations of the Snake concept. After it became the...

  • Thick Toast - 2048




    Think Toast event was one of the social conflict in HK For memorize this event, we make this game. Toast is bread that has been browned by exposing to radiant heat. This browning is the result of a Maillard reaction, altering the flavor of the bread as well as making it firmer so it holds...

  • Bullet Battle




    Bullet Battle is a game using the G-sensor to control the Droid to avoid bullet attack. There are two levels, easy and hard, as the time goes, the speed of bullet will be increase.So Try your best to survive as long as possible. When you click the Logo of "Stay Alive!!", you can select...

  • Reversi




    Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. There are sixty-four identical game pieces called disks (often spelled "discs"), which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned...

  • ConnectFive




    A simple game with connecting five chess to win, can choose to vs human or computer

  • 5096 Number Puzzle Games




    This game is base on the concept of 2048. But player can try to use their marks to delete their unwanted number, to continue the game. Just enjoy the game

  • SPI Flash Programmer Pro


    This is a SPI flash programmer by FTDI chip. The programmer already test MXIC, EON and Winbond ic.

  • 5096 - I have something to say




    If you have something want to say, you can set it on this game, then you can give it to the one to play To give him/her a surprise It will pop up suddenly. you can set the sentence before the game started or press cancel to display the default message.

  • SPI Flash Programmer




    This is a SPI flash programmer by FTDI chip. The programmer already test MXIC, EON and Winbond ic. The maximum of chip size is 128Mbit.

  • USB to UART AOA (source code)


    Android USB to Serial AOA Terminal support FT311D/FT312D ask for source code: support@jakuetch.com

  • NFC App Lock




    This Application can register your NFC card number It can be used as a key to lock/unlock your Apps or screen

  • Flashlight and up counter


    When you press on, timer will be up counter. Please let us know your advice: support@jakutech.net

  • Flashlight Touch




    This app can be used to countdown So it can automatically turn off the light.

  • Events Countdown




    Event countdown You can set 3 events to do the countdown When time is up is will alert to you You can use to cook cup noodles, coffee, cake... Hope you will enjoy it. If there is any suggestion, pls feel feel to let us know.

  • NFC FakeCall




    Find a Excuse to escape !!! No Trace. Make Fake Phone Call by NFC You can use any of your RFID card to make a fake call through NFC First to register your card. Then you can make the fake call. You can trick your friend. Or to get a serious alibi for specific moment. You may see the demo from...

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