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A simple game with connecting five chess to win, can choose to vs huma...

Free | 6.4 43

6.4 Users
Download NFC App Lock NFC App Lock icon

NFC App Lock

This Application can register your NFC card number It can be used as...

Free | 5.2 21

5.2 Users
Download 5096 Number Puzzle Games 5096 Number Puzzle Games icon

5096 Number Puzzle Games

This game is base on the concept of 2048. But player can try to use th...

Free | 7.6 17

7.6 Users
Download SPI Flash Programmer SPI Flash Programmer icon

SPI Flash Programmer

This is a SPI flash programmer by FTDI chip. The programmer already te...

Free | 8.4 5

8.4 Users
Download NFC FakeCall NFC FakeCall icon

NFC FakeCall

Find a Excuse to escape !!! No Trace. Make Fake Phone Call by NFC You...

Free | 9.4 3

9.4 Users
Download Bullet Battle Bullet Battle icon

Bullet Battle

Bullet Battle is a game using the G-sensor to control the Droid to avo...

Free | 7.4 9

7.4 Users
Download Flashlight Touch Flashlight Touch icon

Flashlight Touch

This app can be used to countdown So it can automatically turn off the...

Free | 8.4 6

8.4 Users
Download Thick Toast - 2048 Thick Toast - 2048 icon

Thick Toast - 2048

Think Toast event was one of the social conflict in HK For memorize t...

Free | 5.2 5

5.2 Users
Download Mobile Phone setting (NFC) Mobile Phone setting (NFC) icon

Mobile Phone setting (NFC)

Modify phone set by nfc You can use any of your RFID card to make your...

Free | 8 2

8 Users
Download Events Countdown Events Countdown icon

Events Countdown

Event countdown You can set 3 events to do the countdown When time is...

Free | 10 1

10 Users

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