James Baca

  • The Radio




    A Free Internet Radio Player that plays SomaFM.

  • Poke O Matic




    Every hour this app checks to see if you have been poked on facebook and pokes back the people who poked you.

  • Puerto Rico




    Listen to the soothing sounds of Puerto Rico's frog the Coqui. Background image is of the Yunque.

  • Card Memory




    A game of memory with a 16 pairs of cards placed face down. You can only see two cards at a time. If the two cards are the same suit and value then they are considered paired and removed. The objective is to pair the cards as quickly as possible.

  • Personality Test




    Simple Personality Test. Simply answer the questions to find out if you are: Everyone is classified into 1 of 16 types. The types are composed of four preferences: Extroverted (E) or (I) Introverted Sensing (S) or (N) Intuition Thinking (T) or (F) Feeling Judgment (J) or (P) Perception If you...

  • Accelo Break




    Game of breakout that uses the accelerometer for moving the paddle.

  • Paintballs




    Paintball your screen.

  • Natural Language Clock




    Simple clock that is read in english. For example 1:15 is displayed as "IT IS A QUARTER PAST ONE" Please comment!

  • Face of Facebook




    Simple entertainment app that shows you a quote from your facebook feed. You are then presented with four friends. Your objective is to guess which friend posted that comment.

  • Giftr


    Gift Exchanger Application Directions: Add people from your contact list Press the Giftr button Please comment!

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