James OBrien

  • Muzei - Tumblr Photos




    A tumblr extension for Roman Nurik's Muzei live wallpaper application. Show photos from your favourite tumblr blogs as your live wallpaper. How to use: 1. Make sure you have downloaded Muzei and this application. You can get Muzei here: http://get.muzei.co 3. Open the Muzei application 4....

  • View Web Source




    With this application you will be able to view the source of any website. You will also be able to select text, search for text as well as copy and paste the HTML. To get the source from the page you are currently viewing in the browser, you can now use the share feature from the menu and select...

  • Drinking Games




    Over 50 drinking games to play with your friends in the palm of your hand. Including a playable version of Kings/Ring of Fire, Truth or Dare and I Never.

  • Drinking Games Pro




    For when at a boring party, you now have a list of drinking games and their rules in the palm of your hand. This Application boasts over 50 games you can play with your friends and also a playable version of Kings/Ring of Fire, Truth or Dare and I Never. Feel free to email me and...

  • Text Shortener




    For use when having to cut down text for an SMS message or tweet. Enter your message, press convert and see how many characters you can save by dumbing down your language. I'm always looking for new text replacements, if you think any should be added, please comment below or send an email.

  • It's a Trap! - Trap Detector




    Let Admiral Ackbar inform you whether or not "It's a Trap!" Based on comic by Geoffrey Golden, a link can be found on the application's web page. Gial Ackbar, better known as Admiral Ackbar, is a character from Star Wars. The line "It's a trap!" is mentioned...

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