James Tyner

  • Key Transposer

    Key Transposer




    You're at a gig or practice session and your guitarist is playing a song in the key of C,but you only know it in the key of G.Enter Key Transposer. Key Transposer helps you transpose the keys of music.It offers a simple interface and has support for 15 keys. The Keys are: C MAJOR G MAJOR D...

  • Guitar Tuner Pro

    Guitar Tuner Pro




    Guitar Tuner Pro may be the only guitar tuner you will ever need. Some people prefer to tune by ear.With guitar tuner pro you can have any tuning imaginable since each string has all notes available to tune from. Want to tune to drop C#? Guitar Tuner Pro makes it possible. Our next update will...

  • Guitar Note Trainer AE

    Guitar Note Trainer AE




    *******ATTENTION********* I lost my developer certificate so I had to upload a new version. If you bought the original GuitarNoteTrainerAE or the GuitarNoteTrainer app.Please purchase this again and then email me and I will refund your money. Sorry but this was the only way to do a new...

  • Note Trainer Plus

    Note Trainer Plus




    Note Trainer Plus teaches the notes of Music.Supported Clefs are Treble,Bass,Alto,Tenor. Each clef has 3 octaves of notes to practice. You can choose how many ledger lines you wish to practice at a time. Choose to have correct answer shown or not shown on an incorrect guess. Use a few minutes...

  • Piano Note Trainer

    Piano Note Trainer




    Teaches the notes on the piano.Includes 3 octaves for both treble and bass clef.Use a few minutes a day to learn the notes of the piano keyboard. Improve you sight reading and music theory knowledge with this app. Shows correct answer or not depending on the option you choose. See our forum...

  • Pitch Trainer Plus

    Pitch Trainer Plus




    Train your ear to recognize individual pitches.Guitar and Piano Included.Includes 4 octaves.Choose which octaves to practice. Improve your music theory knowledge and learn to recognize scales and chords more easily with this ear trainer. Request more instruments and we will add them! Few...

  • Key Trainer Plus

    Key Trainer Plus




    Key Trainer+ Teaches the Key Signatures of music.It supports four staffs(Treble,Bass,Alto,and Tenor).You can choose to practice major or minor keys.You can choose to have the correct answer shown or not shown on an incorrect guess. Spend a few minutes a day with Key Trainer+ and you will improve...

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