Jamie Countryman

  • Locale Lock Screen Plugin




    WILL NOT and CANNOT work on Froyo! See the website for more information. THIS IS A PLUG-IN: it requires Locale or Tasker from the Android Market. This Locale/Tasker plug-in can enable and disable the lock pattern. Email me if you encounter any problems.

  • Pastebin for Android




    Pastebin for Android (aka Pastedroid) allows you to paste text to Pastebin and includes a history tab to keep track of previous pastes. Appears in the share menu; perfect for use with aLogcat or Log Collector! If you have feedback, email me, don't just comment!

  • Locale Dock Condition




    THIS IS A PLUG-IN: it requires Locale from the Android Market. NOTE: this will not work with Tasker (as previously stated), as Tasker does not support Locale condition plugins. Change your settings based on your phone's dock state. Works with Locale on Android 2.0 or higher on phones...

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