Jan Olex

  • Ok Twitter




    Simple service for lazy twitter fans. Start the service and it will listen to your (and not only) voice for sacral "Ok Twitter" command to activate speach recognition service. Then you can speak your tweat and the application will translate your voice into a tweet. All you do is press...

  • EuroCalc




    Latvia is approaching Euro-zone on 01-Jan-2014. This application helps to adjust to the new currency by calculating lats to euro and vice verse in accordance to the official exchange rate. Other mode of the application is sales mode, where application allows to enter price of some goods,...

  • Abyss Wars




    Abyss Wars is multiplayer strategy (tactical to be precise) fantasy war game. You control small army of selected race heroes to conquer the land and fight forces of abyss. You will need all your tactical skills to be victorious. Use magic, meelee and ranged attacks. Use combined forces of...

  • Number Wars




    Casual strategy game for two players (compuer can be one of them). Goal is to score biggest sum of numbers traversing the map of hexes in turns. Game is good for children and adults as well. Computer is not very smart, but good for children. Game teaches basic math and basic strategies and...

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