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Learn programming

Application was created for the purpose of thesis on "interactive textbook of Internet technologies." It contains a list of all elements used in HTML 5 Explanation, see the browser and source code. The tests, which are then evaluated in the form of statistical tables. Sand, where one can try to write code that will automatically display i…

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Developer (Material design)

Info about app Are you developer? Are your graphic designer for mobile devices? Or just a simple user, who wants to know more about your device and also to have better control for some aspects? Then this app is for you. More than 45 categories in the menu with even better control over your phone. Try to test this app, it's not worth anything.…

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This application lets you select a color from the list, mix, set as wallpaper, identified by camera and more. Identifying the camera does not work correctly on some devices.

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Lekárne SK + Mapa

Aplikácia obsahuje viac než 1 600 lekární s kompletnou adresou, telefónnym údajom, otváracími hodinami ako aj polohu na mape. Ak potrebujete, môžte sa navigovať na konkrétne miesto.

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Unit Converter

Unit converter is the simple and easy-to-use unit converter to handle any conversion you'll ever need. Overview • more than 30 categories for converting • list of categories: temperature, speed, pressure, work, volume, voltage, transfer rate, time, area, sound, radioactivity, planar angle, strength, power, numbering systems, weight, magnetic i…

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Counter Widget for Android

Simple displaying messages in customizable widgets. Simple, clear and customizable. Customizable: - Colors - Counter mode - Notifications 4 languages: - en - English - de - Deutsch - sk - slovenčina - cs - čeština

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