• Easy Uninstaller

    Easy Uninstaller




    Fast & Easy & Handy uninstall tool for android, remove apps by several selections. Cleans up storage and frees up more space. Features ----------------------------- • Remove Apps • One click to uninstall your app. • Batch uninstall • Fast uninstall by one click • List all installed...

  • Crack your Screen

    Crack your Screen




    Prank your friends and family with this easy to use app. Everyone will fall for this realistic cracked screen effect. With this app, you can crack(fake) your screen for fun How to Use: Open up the app, Click on Settings Button, Select Crack type, Choose any of the effect “ Crack with tab “ ,...

  • Gender Detector

    Gender Detector




    Gender Detector is a high tech fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine your gender based on your thumb print scan! Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculations to complete, and see what the app thinks your gender is! This app is for Entertainment...

  • Satellite Internet Free

    Satellite Internet Free




    How do you access the internet other than dial-up if you live too far from a phone company office for DSL.Now this android app Satellite Internet helps user to connect to the world with out paying any charges.In this application user will use wifi connection.It is kind of prank to make user...

  • Multi Color Flashlight

    Multi Color Flashlight




    Multicolor Flashlight, LED and Flame of Applause Change your phone to color lamp light. Are you afraid of the dark? This app provide the functionality to use the screen as a light source. Use your Android camera flash or device screen as a bright Flashlight in dark areas! Functional tool. Cell...

  • Lie Detector

    Lie Detector




    Want to know if your friend tells the truth? No more lies with the Lie Detector!. Fool your friends,children and neighbours and get fun! This detector is made only for joke purposes! It's fake lie detector. TRUE means Truth and FALSE means LIE. Simulate scanning your fingerprints and the app...

  • Islamic Ringtones

    Islamic Ringtones




    Stay in touch with your religion, set some of the best Hamd, Naat, Azan and Dua as ringtones and feel the presence of ALLAH every time your phone bells. A simple and beautiful user interface. Click on any audio to play/pause. Categories: - Hamd (melodies having praise of Allah ) - Naat...

  • Extended Flashlight

    Extended Flashlight




    Extended Flashlight is a free flashlight app for your android device. Incredibly simple and very useful. Will use your device's camera LED / flash as a torch. Features: - Brighter LED Flashlight - Guaranteed ! - Convenient - Switch On / Off the light just like using a real flashlight - Stay...

  • Natural Wallpapers

    Natural Wallpapers




    ## Superb quality Wallpapers Hand Picked by JanBark ## The Natural Wallpapers has huge selections of unique and high quality images. It is the Fastest Wallpaper app with easy and intuitive user interface. 1.All wallpapers are Free. 2.35+ Unique and High quality images collected and uniformed by...

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