JanT's AppInventions

  • WurmTime




    Shows the time of day in the Wurm Online game, Also shows the date and a reminder of which trees and bushes are in season for harvest. (Rotating analog clockhand requires Android 3.0 or higher)

  • Word Wise Free




    Get ready for a challenging game of spelling, use as many letters as possible to make words from a dictionary of more than 15000 words. It's also a race against time, you start out with 100 seconds, each completed word gives you a few more seconds, and if you use the 'Pass' button,...

  • Knitting Calculator




    A simple knitting calculator app to help you figure out the numbers when increasing or decreasing.

  • BitField Calculator


    No more pen and paper decoding of complicated binary messages. This calculator gives you the value of each field. Each field can be assigned to 1 or more bit, and defined as a signed or unsigned value. The value of the least significant bit in each field can be an integer or a floating point value.

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