• Gazete Keyfi




    Türkiye ve dünyadaki son dakika gelişmelerini, spor, siyaset, gündem gibi ilginizi çekebilecek tüm sıcak haberleri Gazete Keyfi uygulamasını kullanarak her yerden takip edebilirsiniz. Gazete Keyfi haber uygulaması size haberleri diğer kaynaklardan daha hızlı ulaştırmaktadır. Gazete Keyfi...

  • Local News Browser




    Find all the media in one FREE app. Access an extensive collection of national and regional Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa,Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Germany, Mexico, France, Turkey, Italy, Russia and Nigeria's newspapers and...

  • Hidden Object: Babysitter Free




    The best game for everyone on Android is finally here! Find all of the hidden objects and be the super babysitter! After graduating from college, young Emmy is forced to work as a nanny to the Smiths family. Both parents –Anna and Paul- work as hard as they can to fulfill all the whishes and...

  • Hidden Object: Mystery Land




    You will enter a world of mystery and unusual events with the main character, Charlie who has a really "bad luck" and amazing adventures in the impentrable jungles somewhere in Argentina searching the way out. This hidden object puzzle is a very addicting game and the right place for...

  • Flashlight




    One of the most useful apps wherever you are! - Flashlight; - Colour signaling lights; - Compass All this in one universal app "Flashlight". Try it and feel its usefulness in every situation.

  • Unit Converter




    Do you need to measure area, length or volume? Have to count time or find out how much fuel do you need in a car? You can find all kins of counters and measures in one Universal App - "Unit Converter". Try this app and you will ensure that it needs you every day.

  • 7.7

    Hidden Object Adventure *Free*




    Hidden Object Adventure tells a story as the puzzles are solved.

  • Street Basketball Shootout




    How well can you shoot hoops? Find out in free sports game Streetball Shootout! Streetball Shootout is a free and addictive tap basketball game. Swipe to aim, shoot and score. Each shot brings a new and exciting challenge - can you handle the ball? This challenging game takes the pressure of...

  • Granniac Flying Super Jump




    Ever seen a granny this awesome? Meet Granniac in this free action game! Granniac is an undercover heroine, a granny by day but a superhero by night! Join her on Granny’s latest adventure: to save the world from scheming super-villains. Using her super-powers and amazing jump capacity - you will...

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