Jared VanderMeer

  • Waterscape Construction


    Waterscapes looks into the category of landscaping that deals with water features. Waterscapes can add to any yard or landscape. This app looks in-depth into the construction of waterfalls, ponds and rock bubblers. In addition, it has useful information and tips that will help the average water...

  • Business Ideas Pro




    ★ Business Ideas Pro ★ This app includes: --------------- ★ 100+ Ideas with more information added daily! ✔ Business Boosting Ideas and tips for existing business owners! To help create more traffic, generate revenue and streamline advertising for existing businesses! ✔ New business...

  • Business Ideas Lite




    ★ Business Ideas Lite posts new business ideas and suggestions daily! ✔ The average person and entrepreneur can use this app in the search for the perfect business idea. ✔ Our innovative business ideas correspond with the market trends and direction of the economy. ✔ Even if you are trying...

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