Jason Brisbane

  • Artificial Conception

    Artificial Conception




    Artificial Conception, is a Random character generator that uses the Eclipse Phase Players Guide - Transhuman. Using the Life Path Random Character Generation system, you can step through and generate random characters and Share them using your device (Email, Facebook, etc). Click > to...

  • Novus Character Sheet

    Novus Character Sheet




    Novus Character Sheet ----------------------- Novus is a RPG by Firehawk Games. This app will allow you to keep your character sheet on your device and edit at your games. NB: The Sample Character used as a template is "Markus". ANY ISSUES WITH VIEWING ALL SKILLS: PLEASE CLEAR CACHE...

  • D20 Fantasy

    D20 Fantasy




    D20 Fantasy This application allows you to record, modify and delete details of your DnD character on your Android phone. Primarily aimed at DnD3.5 (that's what I have :) ). Contains Themes with 5 colour schemes. Enjoy!

  • d20 Modern V2

    d20 Modern V2




    d20 Modern V2 ------------- An App to assist in playing your d20 modern roleplaying games. All rights used with permission. Basically, the same as my other d20 app but the screen layout has been completely redeveloped to make it a LOT easier to use in a game. All functionality has now been...






    HarpCS For Android This application allows you to view your HARP Character Sheet that you can create using the HARPCS website on http://www.ironcrown.com/jbrisbane, on your Android device. For further information, please refer to the ICE Forums: http://www.ironcrown.com/ICEForums This is the...

  • d20 Modern Sheet

    d20 Modern Sheet




    d20 Modern Sheet ----------------- A Character sheet for your d20 character. Current Version - V1.1d TO DO: Allow Skills to be pre-populated when you create a new character. Enjoy! Please stay tuned for regular updates!

  • The Mesh

    The Mesh




    The Mesh. -------- - A Chat program for use in RPG's; particularly Eclipse Phase, a RPG of postmodern horror. - Allows you to connect to a PAN/Room without a server. - Specify a name (your character) or be the GM. - Can communicate to all on the same Wifi network segment. - Can use Landscape...

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