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    A Character creator based upon Posthuman's Eclipse Phase - Transhuman Book. Create your own character with as few details as possible. A Great resource for GM's wishing to quickly compile stats for NPC's from any combination of Background, Faction, Focus, Customization, etc with selectable Aptitudes, Language and Morph. Eclipse Phase…

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    The Mesh

    The Mesh. -------- - A Chat program for use in RPG's; particularly Eclipse Phase, a RPG of postmodern horror. - Allows you to connect to a PAN/Room without a server. - Specify a name (your character) or be the GM. - Can communicate to all on the same Wifi network segment. - Can use Landscape or Portrait mode. - One program to communicate to ev…

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    Artificial Conception

    Using the Life Path Random Character Generation system, you can step through and generate random characters and Share them using your device (Email, Facebook, etc). Click > to proceed though the generation steps. To regenerate a step, Click < to go back and > again! NB: If you cant see enough detail, click the View Character button bel…

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    Novus Character Sheet

    Novus Character Sheet ----------------------- Novus is a RPG by Firehawk Games. This app will allow you to keep your character sheet on your device and edit at your games. NB: The Sample Character used as a template is "Markus". ANY ISSUES WITH VIEWING ALL SKILLS: PLEASE CLEAR CACHE UNDER APPLICATIONS.

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    TRS For Tablets

    Want to use TRS, but find the menus too fiddly in the middle of a game? Now you can utilise the full screen resolution of your tablet and display the main menu, the sub-menu and the character/Ego Data on the same screen! The Generate button has been replaced with a SHARE button, which allows you to email the character to yourself, or send the HT…

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