Jasper de Keijzer

  • HappyCards




    HappyCards is a memory like game which chalenges the player to get a good score. The better the score the happier the smiley at the end The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. It is a good game for children, though adults may find it challenging as well. Try to get the...

  • Nieuws




    RSS Feed reader voor: Voetbal Internationaal NOS.nl NU.nl Parool.nl Volkskrant.nl BBC.CO.UK Deze applicatie is een RSS Feed reader en maakt gebruik van de door, onder andere, nu.nl gepubliceerde en vrij toegankelijke RSS feeds. De applicatie is NIET van de nu, nos, parool etc. Bij problemen...

  • 5.0





    With this app, you can play the popular memory game in your smartphone

  • Torch FlashLight 1.0




    Simple Torch program which requires no extra rights and is free!

  • Balloon popper




    Simple time waister. The aim of the game is to shoot balloons out of the air and catch them in a movable basket. Every level becomes more difficult. Your high scores are saved and if you manage to get in the top three you will be rewarded with a medal.

  • Bubbles Shooter




    Try to get three bubbles with the same color together and the points will increase. The more bubbles in one shot the more points. With the highscore list you can try to beat records every time again. Funny time waster. 2.4) Bug fixs. PLEASE LEAVE your comments on the app market, so I can improve...

  • Marbles




    Small game which can be played when waiting, in the bus etc as a time waster. The game: The object of the game is to collect marble sets. The larger the marble set collected, the larger the score. A marble set is a group of identical marbles connected to each other left-and-right, or...

  • Reversi




    Place a blue piece, in such a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) occupied line between the new piece and another blue piece, with one or more contiguous red pieces between them. The player with the most pieces on the board at the end of the game...

  • Vuvuzela




    The ultimate attribute for the World Cup football. The vuvuzela, the African traditional trumpet. Very LOUD!! Fun application. Version 2.0:Changed sound. Made longer and used a multiple number of vuvuzela players. Have fun!

  • Gomoku




    Easy game which can be played with your fingers as well as with the cursor keys. Try to get 5 pieces in a row.

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