• Wallpaper Switcher




    Little application to switch your wallpaper to custom selected images. This app don't have any wallpaper ! Just choose your wallpapers from Gallery application and wallpaper will change every 15/30/60 or 90 minutes.

  • Widgetsoid




    Need an android application for you or your company ? I can make it for you! Contact me by email. Send me an email and I try to fix your problem quicly. Don't install on SD card and exclude to your task killer. Tutorials : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJaumard If you want to control your...

  • MyVideoZone




    MyVideoZone is an application that will allow you to manage your videos/movies library easily. Friends arrive, DVD promises an evening? We'll have them read the whole list of your DVDs, Blu-Ray, Div-X and other media while hearing them bicker with each statement as ... Wow this is now...

  • Widgetsoid old (v3)




    Old / out of date / deprecated version of Widgetsoid please use current Widgetsoid This version is no more updated so don't send me email about problems and bugs. Force close on start have been fix please change your rates

  • Widgetsoid donate




    Hi Here is the donate plugin of Widgetsoid to use it you need to install free Widgetsoid (v4.0 min) first. This plugin will enable all donate feature of Widgetsoid. But you don't need to paid twice don't worried. Both Widgetsoid AND donate version have to be install on your device....

  • Widgetsoid icons ADW theme




    Alternative icons for Widgetsoid or use it as ADW theme. Have some gingerbread and honeycomb icons. How to use : Need Widgetsoid v4.0 min (don't work on odl V3) Modify your widget Click on overview's button and choose "Change icon" If you have icons who you want contact...

  • Push Game Free




    Push push puh again !!!!! Challenge your friends and make the best score !!!

  • Push Game


    Push push puh again !!!!! Challenge your friends and make the best score !!!

  • J.Aumard




    Aumard Jimmy is the co worker you need to create your web/mobile projet. If you need an mobile applications (iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android) or a website (personal, professional, dynamic, static...), J.Aumard is here to work with you to increase your business.

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