• Double Diamonds




    Slots are a great casino game for all ages. This Double Diamond casino game is easy to play for hours on end. Try to beat other players and see if you can keep the highest score. Enjoy the auto spin feature to easily play with ease. We hope you like the great graphics and layout. The...

  • Lucky Sevens Slots




    Lucky Sevens Slots is great luck for all who play! Try your luck on these casino slots and see if you can beat the other high scores in Game Center. Happy 4th of July with this new patriotic casino slot machine! Enjoy and good luck

  • Alienoid




    Stop the alien invasion from attacking the city. The only way to stop them is by firing asteroids with your slingshot. You only have three shots per level to to try to shoot the flying aliens and aliens already on the ground. Some aliens are already trapped on the ground and can be killed by...

  • Honky Horn




    Noisy app for kids to play with a bunch of horns from cars, trains, bikes and ships. Targeted for toddlers and up.

  • Firecracker




    Yes, this a firecracker app where you shake your phone to light another firecracker. Use the menu to choose between a firecracker, M80 and Dynamite :-) Please feel free to send me an email on how to improve this. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Piano Plus by Jaxily




    Piano Plus is a large piano which was designed for tablets and large phones. Our other piano has only one major scale, but this piano now has two major scales with animation. I hope you can learn and enjoy on your phones and tablets with this much improved piano. Comments welcome! Enjoy!

  • Piano by Jaxily




    Piano By Jaxily is a fun little piano app for playing a simple song or letting kids learn about the piano.

  • Piano




    This is a fun little app for the family to practice or show off their piano skills. Feel free to email me your comments Regards, Jaxily

  • Who Burped ???




    Who Burped is a silly little app to gross out your friends and family. I initially made "Who Farted" and only made sense to create this one. Enjoy and please email me your comments and suggestions. v1.2 - added the Burp Picker Menu Please visit our other fun applications at...

  • Peck Peck Hatch




    Easy and fun little game for children to crack eggs and find funny animals and figures. Very silly, but my daughter really has fun with it. Please visit our other applications at http://www.arcdroid.com Regards, Jake

  • Slots Lucky Casino




    Lucky Casino Slots are a fun way to check your luck and compare your scores to other Lucky Casino Slot players. I hope you enjoy the lucky graphics! Please let me know what phone you are using if you have any issues. Thanks and Best of Luck with Lucky Slots!

  • Police Siren and Lights




    Police Siren and Lights offers a variety of sirens and flashing lights. Sirens Options include: Fire, Police, Hi Lo, Wail & Future Trek.

  • Burp Burp Burp




    Burp burp burp is an app which you can quickly fire off as many burps you need as quickly as you want. Keep it simple, keeping it fun!

  • Drums by Jaxily




    Drums is a great app to play with your friends. This version is much faster and has animated notes when you hit the drums.

  • Whiteboard




    Whiteboards are the perfect tool for brainstorming, teaching or simply drawing. Special features include share saving. Draw or diagram you ideas and share them with friends. This enables taking a picture and drawing over the top to help instruction and teaching.

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