• Slots : Sevens and Stripes




    Casino Slots of Sevens and Stripes : If you like slots, well its your lucky day. This is a lucky seven and stripes slot machine which I hope you find very enjoyable. Compete with your friends to see who can win the most money. Please email comments to jake@arcdroid.com

  • Piano




    This is a fun little app for the family to practice or show off their piano skills. Feel free to email me your comments Regards, Jaxily

  • Whiteboard




    Whiteboards are the perfect tool for brainstorming, teaching or simply drawing. Special features include share saving. Draw or diagram you ideas and share them with friends. This enables taking a picture and drawing over the top to help instruction and teaching.

  • Dice Roller




    Simple dice for playing any type of board or card game. Roll two or one at a time. Includes sound effects and animation. Enjoy! Please email me suggestions at jake@arcdroid.com

  • Slot Machine : Double Diamond




    Slot Machines are a great way to test your luck, Check out our latest Double Diamond Slot machine to see if you can be the luckiest and get the high score!

  • Slots : Fruity Cherry




    Casino Slots of the Fruity Cherry's is a fun slot machine for lucky players. Key features: Large spinning wheels for visibility Saved credits on exit Menu option with legend and winnings

  • Piano Pro




    Fun little piano app with multi touch and adaptable to any screen. Features: Multi Touch capable Record an playback

  • Police Siren and Lights




    Police Siren and Lights offers a variety of sirens and flashing lights. Sirens Options include: Fire, Police, Hi Lo, Wail & Future Trek.

  • Who Farted ???




    Silly little app that plays has a variety of farts. Very silly but hoping to make you smile. :-) v1.3 - Added Menu for Fart Picker v1.2 - Added a bunch more great farts!!!

  • Drums




    Play around on your Android Drums set. Please feel free to email me with improvement ideas. Enjoy! Features: - Multi touch Support - Install to SD - Enabled record and playback menu

  • Egg Maker for Kids




    Make eggs for fun and friends. Share your egg creations with your friend by email. There are over 25 eggs to make and decorate. Choose the size and start creating your beautiful eggs. Enjoy!

  • Cake Maker Cooking for kids




    Become a master cake maker. Have your kids creativity take off by making magical Cakes and sharing their creations with friends. Start your cake experience by adding the four main ingredients to the mixing bowl. Then gently stir your ingredients with your wooden spoon until you get a smooth...

  • Compass & GPS




    COMPASS & GPS CAN HELP FIND YOUR WAY Compass view with location display can put you in the right direction. It is helpful for camping, boating, hiking, or just learning with your kids. Your location will automatically display your street address, degrees of direction and bearing of North,...

  • Popcorn Free for Kids and baby




    Free for Kids, this fun kids game is easy to play. Popcorn Popper is a great little game to pop kernels and then decorate your freshly popped popcorn. This great little game utilizes a 2d game engine which brings to life graphics with animations and transitions. The popcorn kernels even have...

  • Gold Rush Slot Machine




    Gold Rush Slot Machine is a great way to test your luck on a gold bling bling slot machine. Try to win the high score.

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