• Hollywood Hard Men Quotes

    Hollywood Hard Men Quotes




    Hollywood Hard Men In Their Own Words. This app provides you with a bounty of quotes, insights and comebacks from Hollywood's finest original tough guys. Many actors may be able to talk the talk – but can they really walk the walk? Here are the actors who can mix it with the best of them,...

  • Watson's Steampunk Rebuke

    Watson's Steampunk Rebuke




    A warm welcome to all vintage insult lovers, don't get mad, get even! Watson's Steampunk Rebuke provides you with hundreds of witty insults and funny responses, crafted in the style of centuries past. Crank the lever on the steampunk interface and drop an insult into the hatch, fire it...

  • Watson's Steampunk Applauder

    Watson's Steampunk Applauder




    An applause application like no other!! Fully tricked-out with a steampunk interface and a rotary handle that allows you to deliver the exact level of applause, from a slow clap to a roof-raising full-on celebratory cheer. Not enough? Hit the robot applause button and change the clapping sound...

  • Jazzlebags Tennis Menace

    Jazzlebags Tennis Menace




    Welcome to Tennis Menace, the addictive new game where your aim is to collect all the tennis balls that you can while avoiding the summertime bees!! Help our hero, AssGass the Jazzlebag, as he jumps into his tennis whites and returns to Earth ready for Wimbledon. Ace your way through 24...

  • Jazzlebags 2 Football Frenzy

    Jazzlebags 2 Football Frenzy




    He's back!!! Welcome to Football Frenzy 2, where your aim is to help AssGass the Jazzlebag grab all the footballs he can while avoiding the referee's whistle!! This is an all-new updated version of Jazzlebags Football Frenzy, completely rebuilt using a new and improved game engine....

  • Crash Bang Cricket

    Crash Bang Cricket




    It's cricket, but not as you know it!! Take a cricket ball, add a cannon, throw in some crazy levels and you're in for a fun-packed ride as you try to hit as many bats as possible before you knock down the wicket. Crash Bang Cricket is the all-new game in the legendary Crash Bang...

  • Crash Bang Christmas

    Crash Bang Christmas




    Oh No!!! All Santa's reindeer have caught the flu and cannot fly. It's nearly Christmas morning and Father Christmas has bought a cannon to launch himself through the air instead. It's up to you to fire Santa out of his cannon, grab the presents and successfully deliver them through...

  • Danger Moose Dash

    Danger Moose Dash




    Help Bruce Moose make his escape from the wolves' underground lair in this new endless runner. - 127 missions! - insane gadgets! - power-ups aplenty! - collect oil drops and trade for supplies! - enlist Ollie the oil robot and find the gusher! - wear a ton of disguises, everything from...

  • Santa's Reindeer Rush

    Santa's Reindeer Rush




    It's Christmas Eve and your reindeer is late for work! Help Randolph the Reindeer reach Santa's sleigh and deliver the presents before it's too late. It's up to you to make Christmas happen, but it's not going to be easy. As you run, make sure you avoid the deadly holly,...

  • Ninja Fart Hero

    Ninja Fart Hero




    It's ninja time!!!! And this time you're powered by inner thunder. Welcome to Jazzlebags Ninja Fart Hero, the new arcade action puzzle game. Ninja Fart Hero stars AssGass the Jazzlebag and when he feels his guts start to grumble you knows it's time to unleash the fury. Help AssGass...

  • Galactic Fruit Wars

    Galactic Fruit Wars




    Blast your way through waves of invaders as you defend against deadly intergalactic fruit aliens. Galactic Fruit Wars is a new arcade action space shooter where you are the top gun in star command's pineapple attack fleet. Step up, take control and take down the enemy forces. Your mission...

  • Chimpy Joe Flea Face

    Chimpy Joe Flea Face




    A must-play arcade game! Help Chimpy Joe by squashing and splatting the bugs and ants that are crawling around his face and driving him crazy, but beware, if you splat the butterflies or his beloved bananas then you lose one of your three lives. Oh, and Flea Face has a pimple problem - make...

  • Santa's Reindeer Roundup

    Santa's Reindeer Roundup




    Oh No!!! Santa's reindeer have all escaped and it's nearly Christmas morning, what can Father Christmas do? It's up to you to help Santa round up his reindeer in time for his Christmas sleigh ride in this new platform puzzler game. Catch all five on each level and Santa gets himself...

  • Jazzlebags Football Frenzy

    Jazzlebags Football Frenzy




    Welcome to Football Frenzy, where your aim is to help AssGass the Jazzlebag grab all the footballs he can while avoiding the couch potatoes!! Help our hero, AssGass the Jazzlebag, as he jumps into his goalkeeping kit and returns to Earth for some footballer action. Spring like a cat through the...

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